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Default Re: Mormons Anger Jews by Baptism of the Dead, Apologize

Thanks for your elaboration, Publisher....yes I am aware of some sentiments...but that was the kind of talk you heard over 30 years ago...when there was this 'hypothesis' as I call it, about the place of 'limbo' that St. Thomas Aquinas pondered.

I never took to it...and the same with others. We would discuss such topics in Catholic grade school....ours included junior high age...but I remember such conversations...and we ended up wondering about the plight of the babies....and I thought the baby would follow the way of the parents if they were to baptize later on....

Or parents who didn't care....whose to say the child would seek its own baptism in the future? I finally came to the conclusion that the baby would end up in God's mercy.

Going back, that is where it is so difficult with non-Catholics....what is the spirit of the Church? It is really the Holy Spirit at work in the Church. It is not individual men proposing, no matter their saintliness and other works.

When a teacher speaks universally, and in the Holy Spirit, it not only resonates in the teacher....but in the pope, the bishops, the lay...and then we know the teaching or illumination of our beliefs are further deepened and understood.

Grace works through nature. There has been tremendous growth of understanding the human person through psychology and family sociology, the interdevelopment of cultures...I see non-native people working hand in hand with Africans in their land on human and economic development...

The grace of dialogue has emerged in this past former century on inter faith dialogue...and a normalizing of interfaith relations. This is the work of the Holy Spirit...the gift of unity.

So to baptize non-Christian babies, as did happen obviously, the person meant well in the context of how they understood their own faith at that time, and likewise there were others of the same rank and profession who did not baptize.

I served a short while in an Italian Catholic mission and they had me stand by assist at child birth. It was very common to lose a mother to hemorrhaging due to anemia. The child was cleaned, wrapped, and put in the arms of its father, we all very sad each time. But no infant baptism.

Professional Catholic missionaries do not rush into baptism. My father told me in the beginning, when there were explorations of the New World, the Church rushed in baptizing adults...and they never adequately converted and brought alot of scandal to the Church and those seeking truth of God. So no more rushed baptisms.