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Default Re: In defense of the Pope

Originally Posted by A G View Post
The liberal media will try to attack us in whatever way they can. The Catholic Church is in fact the biggest charitable organization in the world. They help feed, shelter, and clothe the poor, they run many schools and hospitals as well. I would say to those who attack our Church, "try to show us what other religion/religious organization even comes close to helping people on such a vast scale..."
Took the words right out of my mouth, AG. I agree with you 100%.

In America alone we have some 7,000 Catholic schools, 600 hosptials and 200 universities and countless social service organizations such as St Vincent De Paul. In history, the Catholic Church was the first to establish charitable works to the amazement of then pagan world that thought only of themselves.

Our 2,000 year history of providing what we can for the less fortunate was, and remains, the proper response to Christ's Command to Love one another as HE loves us.
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