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Default Re: Christ's sacrifice not really a sacrifice?

Originally Posted by promethius View Post
Um... the resurrection wasn't Jesus UNdying... Jesus died, and then came back and passed THROUGH death. That is a sacrifice. This guy is trying to make death out to be no different than spending time in a classroom to learn something and develop new skills... I'm sure any of the martyrs could point out that death is not exactly an easy ordeal...
This is why I laughted at the premise in the original post.

It makes light of being whipped and beaten until your skin is ripped off, and then being nailed to a tree and left to hang there suffocating.

We can't even get a toothache without demanding narcotics to ease the pain or bump our elbow without cursing. Few, if any of us, would do such things willingly even if there was something in it for us. But Christ did infinitely more, suffered infinitely more, and did so not so that he would gain anything, but for the benefit of a bunch of ungrateful brats like us.

The premise in the OP makes crucifixion out to be some kind of minor inconvenience.

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