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Default Re: Should marijuana be legal?

Originally Posted by Scott_Lafrance View Post
So, lets make alcohol, coffee, nicotine, diphenhidramine, detromethorphan, etc.... against the law.

Heck, sugar has been found to be as addictive as heroin. Lets outlaw that too. Lets outlaw EVERYTHING that people could abuse, because we know what's best for them. I mean, freedom and free will are so last century.
This may seem a little over the top, but this really is an end that could be reasoned if one were to oppose the legalization of a drug simply because of its addictiveness. If the only reason to keep marijuana illegal is "because its addictive and can be abused", then all of the above could also justifiably be illegalized. One must take an objective look at marijuana and see what actual harm it does. Well, the truth is, aside from someone 'smoking while driving', it does no actual more than tobacco anyway. And the potential for harm is no more than that of alcohol or gambling (money wasted where groceries should have been bought, time wasted that should have been spent with family, etc...heck, even video games have this same potential...)