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Default Re: Is the bible inerrant?

Originally Posted by Marocchino View Post
The Bible is absolutely innerant. There are no errors of facts at all. For sound Catholic hermeneutical principles, refer to Providentissimus deus (Leo XIII), the replies of the Pontifical Biblical Commission (ratified by St Pius X), Spiritus paraclitus (Benedict XV), Divino afflante spiritu (Pius XII), and Dei verbum (Vatican II).

Asserting that the Bible contains scientific and historical errors is a Modernist misinterpretation of Dei verbum 11, is heretical, and is an affront to God (since it attributes to the Holy Spirit an officious lie).

Thank God for His innerant, infallible, inspired written Word, preserved from any error for the sake of our salvation.

Which Bible translation is the inerrant one? They don't all say the same thing.

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