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Default Re: May Catholics support 'compromise' abortion legislation?

Originally Posted by Hokomai View Post
Fr David, do people in your experience actually 'support' abortion? Or do they think on average, rather, that it is a necessary evil, that women who have abortions should not be criminalised, and that abortions that are done should be done only after appropriate counseling and in safe facilities?
You're disillusioned. Nobody here has made such a claim. I don't think I've seen a post on this forum that targets the women who have abortions, demonizes them, and demands they be charged as criminals. At least, if they have, they have done so not in accordance with the Church. Contrastingly, I've seen many suggestions that doctors who perform the abortions should be criminalized and tossed in jail. But you're preconceived notions of Catholic social doctrine are so strong that you will maintain your opinion of us no matter what.
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