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Default Re: End of "First Communion" Celebrations in US Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Originally Posted by coco2 View Post
I believe the quote says that Roman Catholics "think it is cute to dress up the young ones and have a party and gifts". That is in no way the reason for Eucharist being celebrated at the age of 7, and yes it does make light of it.
If you read the Bishop's letter entirely, it is clear this was commentary on the sentiments expressed by some of his own Melkite flock and not a slight against Latin Catholic practice itself or Latin Catholics for that matter.

When you these comments in context, recognizing that these children have already received the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist as infants and have likely continued to receive the Holy Eucharist as young children before reaching the age of reason, the "need" to have a separate ceremony can clearly be seen more as a "want", and that more so of the parents than the children. I do believe that expresses the bishop's comments fairly, in summary.
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