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Originally Posted by kama3 View Post
Not true in general.

Theism: God caused the Big Bang.
M-Theory: Big Bang was caused by a collision of branes.
Bubble universe theory: we are inside a black hole in another universe.

Theism rejects infinite regression.
M-Theory is agnostic on this, because it does not answer where the branes came from. I.e. were they caused or not.
Bubble universe theory relies on infinite regression: we are inside a black hole in another universe, which is in a black hole in another universe, which is...

None of these are provable at the moment, for the simple reason that we cannot see back past the initial singularity (or outside our spacetime).

What gets me really...and it seems like you are certainly not this that atheists are assuming that M-Theory, multiverse, universe "coming from nothing", are scientific in nature, when we all know they are not.

Originally Posted by kama3 View Post
Puh-leeeze... We both know that Hawking has as much qualifications to speak about philosophy as Dawkins has to speak about religion.

Physics should inform philosophy, physicist can have a philosophical opinion, but for me, a philosophical opinion of a physically informed philosopher carries more weight than a philosophical opinion of a philosophically uninformed physicist (or a biologist).

Get the science from the scientists, and philosophy from philosophers. Just make sure that philosophers understand the science.
Total agreement with you there. I'm very happy that you're calling BS on Hawking there...and what you said about the relationship between physics and philosophy is spot on. Well done.

So...I'm out of the forum for Lent, so I'll see you all in 40 days.

Kama...great talking with you, and if you want to chat further, just PM me.
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