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Originally Posted by JimmytheButcher View Post
You still have the Eucharist on Wednesday, just as you have the Eucharist on Monday, and Friday, or anyother day for that matter. Just because a person doesn't see the Eucharist or taste the Eucharist does not me they do have the Eucharist. The whole universe spins like great wheel and the Eucharist is the spoke, like a giant haystack and tiny, impercieveable needle. As long as there is one man who is a priest in the world you will always have the Eucharist. Don't be afraid or lose hope. The devil can't do you any harm unless you intend him to harm you first. In a lonely valley somewhere in Vermont there is a handful of hermits carrying about the business of showering grace upon you. The world goes by and they notice it not. This does not mean that the world doesn't exist. How much more we can say about the Eucharist. A tiny speck or crumb is more God than the world could ever be world.
That's wonderful and exquisite. Have you read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

Originally Posted by JimmytheButcher View Post
Oh yes... and if you think that Original Sin is a crooked idea, best examine thyself before admitting yourself to the Eucharist. Swallow your pride before you swallow God.
I thank you for the admonition, for as a sinner I know that I need constant correction and repentance. Please note that I do not think that Original Sin is a crooked idea.

Originally Posted by carlysrose View Post
I guess it's not universal then, which is strange, because that's what catholic means.
I think you are equivocating here. Catholic does mean "universal," but you are using the term in such a narrow way that it ceases to be universal.

I don't know what the situation is in your parish, but you seem to be upset by it. Prayers for you and your parish.
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