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Default Re: My Catholic Son

Jesus, Divine Lord of the Heavens,
Enforcer of all spiritual decrees,
Chief Judge of the Final Judgment,
Your Laws are multiculturally righteous.
Grant us values that seek justice,
To uphold all Christian moral ethics,
And to aid the victims of injustices.
As You forgave the worst of sinners,
Equip us with a non-judgmental ability
To forgive all offenders of Your Laws,
And to support their healing process.
You are the true direction to justice!

Dear Saint Anthony, you were prompt to fulfill all justice.
You gave God and His creation the service He required from you.
You respected other people's rights and treated them with kindness and understanding.
Saint Anthony, Zealous for Justice, teach us the beauty of this virtue.
Make us prompt to fulfill all justice toward God and toward all creation.
Help Christopher and Mary52 also in their pressing needs. Amen.
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