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Default Re: How much of a sin is it to deny climate change?

"Nature fakers arising, nothing worse than someone on a mission to save you from from yourself. If you want to live in the stone age go ahead leave me out. I prefer rational people."

Great post, stevegravy. The problem is that you will never be left out because the phoney eco-movement needs our tax money and our votes for the "right" politicians who will do the taxing. Never mind that those same green politicians tax us for direct and indirect abortion, actual infanticide ("partial birth" abortion) contraception, and self-beneficial green energy research in return for campaign money. Of course, those politicians have to override your constitutional religious liberty in the process, but they no longer fear the Catholic vote.

It's the worst kept secret in Washington--tax the American people and give the money to the Culture of Death and green groups who, after taking their cut, return the money in the form of campaign donations to the politicians who will then appropriate grants to the same social, green and scientific research groups every year. Think, as just two examples, Planned Parenthood and Solyndra.

The green culture of death types, supported and glamorized by the Hollywood culture of filth types, rake in the money and want us to believe that it's really a good thing-- less children to despoil the environment is the moral and patriotic duty of all right-thinking people. After all, they say, mankind has come of age; we have outgrown the old superstitions and no longer fear any and all sexuality, especially modern women.

Here is a snippet from the BALTIMORE SUN, a news outlet which mirrors today's elite culture:
"February 12, 2012 The argument by Catholic bishops and other conservatives that providing contraception and reproductive health services for all women is a denial of Catholics' religious freedom is without merit ("O'Brien's quixotic fight," Feb. 9). The law is not forcing anyone to use contraception. It is saying it should be available without cost for those who want it, even those employed by religious-run institutions like universities and hospitals.
"Let's relegate to the past the many women who suffered debilitation or death because of too frequent pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. No priest or bishop has ever been pregnant or lost sleep worrying how the birth will turn out. Which of them has striven to provide for the physical, mental and moral health of their birth children, as well as money to help with their education."

This from the SUN on February 22, 2012: "Regarding the debate over gay marriage, gay people need equal rights in terms of whom they love and to have that love sanctioned by marriage. Gay marriage would bring financial gains to our state by allowing gay people to marry in Maryland instead of going to other states.
"The bill backed by Gov. Martin O'Malley has legal protections in place for religious beliefs and for religious organizations and churches. African-Americans should support gay marriage and remember that the Bible was used to condone slavery and other forms of discrimination."

Finally, an article in the SUN today (By Karen Hosler 1:32 p.m. EST, February 23, 2012) smiles on Gov. Martin O'Malley's plan to impose another gasoline tax; a 6 percent sales tax on the purchase of gasoline because in addition to many other splendid things, it could "...possibly help clean the Chesapeake Bay at the same time a formula that could work not just in Maryland but in all of the bay states.
"Here's how it works: Up to one-third of the nitrogen that pollutes the bay and its rivers comes from the air, and much of that comes from motor vehicle emissions. Thus, to the extent that Marylanders find the higher gas tax so burdensome that they drive less or trade up to more fuel-efficient vehicles, the bay gets a little breathing space.",5032459.story

So, according to our foremost experts, to find true happiness, the people in the state named after the Mother of God should not only free themselves from the Catholic Church's voodoo sexuality, but agree to an additional 6% gasoline tax to save the environment.

I wonder: If the people don't agree to all that, how serious would be their sin? After all, we are told, mere hundreds of thousands are killed each year by abortion, but we all might be killed by global warming.

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