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Default Re: Please allow us to ignore group leaders

Originally Posted by LittleSoldier View Post
You also see that there is a post by a person who is on your Ignore List and all you have to do is click on part of the announcement in order to read the post. I can't resist. I'm sorry. I always read them!

The only time the Ignore feature has worked for me (and I'm probably going to get into big trouble for saying this) is when another poster and I were ordered to place each other on our Ignore Lists. If I had ever responded to what he had posted about me it would be obvious that I had not ignored him and the same applied to him.

Voila! End of problem!

I loved that solution because it was a real solution and I hope it is used more often in the future.

I think that most of us want to defend our Faith and ourselves (and others) and feel that if we don't respond it will appear that we just couldn't come up with an appropriate defense and we've been slam-dunked. That attitude has gotten me into trouble in the past.

One more thing about the Ignore feature: if the other poster PMs you he/she will think that you received the PM even though you won't. He/she won't get a message stating that the PM will not be delivered. So, that poster can PM you, saying all sorts of things and you won't even know about it! This needs to be fixed.
Ordered by who? I was just asking the question. I don't use the ignore feature though. Not responding to a post is not necessarily a sign of defeat. Even if you or the other person thinks so, then what? It shouldn't really matter. It just an internet forum.
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