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Default Re: confirmed by Bp Williamson

What I've gathered from this thread, based on Brother JR's and Father David's extensive commentary is that the OP's confirmation would be valid, however it was merely valid.

Bishop Williamson, while in a state of suspension or excommunication (the timing is unclear), lacked the faculties to legally celebrate the anointing. Thus while imprinted on the soul, the OP's status as a Catholic in standing is questionable. He would have to take additional steps to regularize his personal status in the church, such as properly documenting the confirmation, having any potential excommunications lifted, and/or attending confession. Best to sort this out with one's priest.

That mere validity of the sacraments (whether Holy Orders, Confirmation or Communion) does not grant any rights or privileges within the Catholic Church, seems to the be the point that our good Father and Brother were making. Answering only the technical question of validity, while neglecting the fundamental issue of licitity could mislead the OP, and potentially put his or her soul in peril.
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