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Default Re: jehovah witness knocks at my door

[quote=mfontj;8984100]Can Jehovah Witnesses even keep friends from other religions?

I read that they can't.

I had a problem too with a girl I was friendly with and she kept visiting me with pamphlets. I was getting really irritated because they always came unannounced and would expect to be invited in every time as if I have to wait on them. I felt that it was abusive of my hospitality. The last time, I just walked out on them after less than thirty seconds and they got the hint.

Another thing that really irritated me was that my friend (if we can call her that) would bring a companion with her, and the companion would never talk to me even when I directly addressed "hello" to them and would try to talk with my mom. That repeated when she brought another companion. I thought it was so rude; you're in my living room, it's only polite for you to introduce yourself.

Anyway I later read up on them and read that they actually aren't allowed to have real friends who aren't Jehovah's Witnesses. I feel as if she was being friendly with me just to get in my house (even before that she was being chummy with me in a rather needy way and it got on my nerves but I didn't want to be mean about it so I put up with it).

I guess their door-to-door work has this frankly deceptive methods. You might want to nip it in the bud with those people who have been visiting you. With my experience, they're only excessively chummy so they can do their work. I admire that they can put in the effort, patience and risk to go door-to-door for their work (how many Catholics can we say would do that? not many) but she knew I'm very Catholic and very proud of it.

I politely took their literature the first couple of times and I did want to read through it for the sake of dialogue. I realise that as an active Catholic, in my own little way, I do represent the Church to these people, so I have the duty to dialogue and be hospitable. But they abused it. They haven't come knocking again after that.

So they may seem friendly but it's their method of getting converts. Better to just say that you're not interested whatsoever in joining their religion and their visits would probably stop, proving to you that they were only friendly because you were a potential member.