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Default Re: Natural Child Birth Stupid?

Originally Posted by SonCatcher View Post
I don't know if I was on the verge of fainting but there were times with our first that I was nearly immobilized in shock at my wife's agony. Fortunately, we had a doula.

For our second, I was better prepared. Unfortunately, the pregnancy went 2 weeks past term and we decided to induce. The pain was so bad, she needed an epidural (she was already on full strength IV pain meds and still couldn't bear it). Now our second is a preschooler and DW still gets back pain at the epidural site.
This is what scared me away from the epidural. I had initially been pretty open to all kinds of pain management, but they had us watch the video on epidurals in my hospital birthing class. When they went over what could go wrong and what the side effects were, I almost immediately decided against it.

I did have an IV drug with my first, but I will stay away from those in the future, because of my special reaction to the drug. Painkillers tend to hit me pretty hard anyways (1 extra strength tylenol has been known to put me to sleep), but I was given an IV drug and the nurse had to then coach me to breath. The drug was effective enough at least on my diaphragm and/or my brain that it literally shut down my breathing. I either wasn't breathing enough or deeply enough to get air to the baby, so the nurse had to tell me when to inhale and when to exhale. (I was also observed sleeping in the >30 second gap between contractions). So with my second I didn't have any drugs, not that there was time, and will hopefully do that again with this one.

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