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Default Re: Children born of adultery

Eleanor and mandajane, I am so sorry for what your parents put you both through. You were both innocent children and not deserving of the attitudes and treatment you both received. It was your mothers and biological fathers that made mistakes in their lives, not either of you. If you have not had any counseling, I would suggest you get some so that you will be able to move on to a happier place in life. If you reach the point where you can forgive them in your heart, it will be better for you. Forgiveness does not mean it never happened, or that you have to act that way. But it is a gift to yourself that may allow you to lead a happier life. May God bless you and guide you both.
"Lord Jesus, in times of trial and temptation, be my strength and consolation. Teach me not to fear the darkness, but rather draw me to your light. For it can only be in darkness that you will become my light and in your light that I may bring the light of healing to all I meet." - George Maloney