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Default Re: Happy wife, happy life syndrome

Originally Posted by 28562 View Post
Personally, I would have turned it all into a big joke between everyone. I find it easier to deal with certain situations by using humor. But, I have very thick skin and I know that my wife and I are on the same page about most things, so I genuinely don't care if someone else makes a joke like that. I don't have to lay down next to them at night.

As far as the thread title, it is pretty true. A happy wife does make a happy life. That doesn't mean that you have to bow to her every command, but you should want her to be happy and she should want the same for you. Put each other first and everything will be much easier.

One last word--I sorta get the feeling from your posts on this thread that maybe you are concerned about not beingn very important to others...well it's true. Once you get married, you matter less to everyone else, even your own family...And if that bothers you, just wait til you have kids...then you really don't matter to anyone...But as long as you are first in your wife's mind, nobody else matters. That's what you do when you are a good husband and dad...put everyone else first. Make your family happy and don't worry about what everyone else has to say.

I would post a link to a youtube video that has a ton of truth regarding this matter, but it has a few cuss words in it and I don't know if that would get me banned or not...if you want to see it, search for Chris Rock Big Piece of Chicken. It's good for a few laughs...
. I love the big piece of chicken bit!
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