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Default Re: Was the church Jesus said he would build the Roman Catholic Church?What about the other churches?

Originally Posted by 1AugustSon7 View Post
No that is not correct.

The Roman Catholic Church is the (one and only) Catholic Church. She is the "one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church" we, in the Creed, profess our belief in.
The Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Latin Church is the largest of 23 Churches that make up the Catholic Church. The Eastern Catholic Churches are not Roman Catholics. They never were. However, they are in full communion with the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome.

The if you observe Canon Law very carefully, there are two codes of law, one fro the Roman Catholic Church and one for the Eastern Catholic Churches.

The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest because it grew up in the Roman Empire, later spread through Europe and Europe's colonies, while the other Churches remained localized

But you cannot say to a Maronite Catholic that his is not Catholic, because he is not Roman Catholic or to a Greek Catholic that the Roman Catholic Church is the only Catholic Church. The truth is that some of the Eastern Churches are older than the Roman Catholic Church by a few years, maybe even a decade or so. Paul was raising up the Greek Church before Peter went to Rome. Most of Paul's letters are addressed to non-Roman Catholics.

Ephasus, Corinth, Thesalonica and Jerusalem were not part of Rome nor did they ever become Roman Catholic. They became their own Churches, all in communion with the Roman Church, but not Roman themselves.



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