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Default Re: Great Lent for beginner's

Originally Posted by rdorseyhsd View Post
In our Church we have teaching on the book of Revelation during lent. It is amazing how it ties into our liturgy and into layout of the Church and the Holy Place, the doors, the candles, the cover of the gospel book and so on.
The design of our churches actually has primary roots in the Old Testament, from the specifications for the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, as given by God in Exodus 25. Eastern Christian churches follow these prescriptions more clearly and visibly in their church designs and accompaniments. That these elements are also reflected in Relevation is not coincidental, but not as directly causal. The analogies drawn from the very visual depictions in Revelation makes for much more interesting discussion and catechesis than the more simplistic instructions as relayed and recorded in Exodus.
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