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Default Re: Are we being too harsh with scrupulous members?

Originally Posted by Debora123 View Post
It is a very real OCD disorder
Prove it.

It may exist and it may not. That really isn't the point. If there is such a thing-- no proof beyond your bare assertion, but let's just assume-- it still represents only a small number. Far more often, Catholics who can't be bothered to examine form a conscience or examine their own sins will call others "scrupulous" as a way to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing.

This is incredibly dangerous behavior on the part of unscrupulous Catholics. If a pious Catholic inconveniently points out that a certain common behavior is sinful, then the unscrupulous Catholics immediately call it "scrupulosity" and ignore it. They rationalize their own sin, and thus cannot truly repent of it.

And here you are making excuses for them.
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