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Default Re: There is no God. I want to die. Why should i not commit suicide?

Originally Posted by Simon123454321 View Post
OP wants to be honest about the cold facts of reality and that the doctor would not want to lie about the real nature of things in-order to achieve positive results.

So for you the "real nature of things" is that life is suffering and the op should just off himself because they will never have a better moment in life, their mood will never improve, they will never be helped by medication, learning skills, developing relationships, or just dumb luck, so yoou should just end it.

It is neat that you are omnicient regarding the patients past, present and future. What puzzles me, however is why you would consider it a positive outcome if the patient does not kill himself?

Given your view that the "real nature of things" is that life is just suffering with no enjoyment or meaning, it surprises me that you chose to play. Why is it that you do if things are really that bad for you?

Is it more egocentric to experience pleasure in life, see others experience happiness in life and try to help someone who is down to experience the same or to ignore the meaning and pleasure that people find in life, take your own view that all life is suffering an inflict this on the patient in an effort to murder them by proxy?

If I am wrong there is always time to off one's self later. If you are wrong, you have stolen all potential happiness they could have experienced to confirm your belief that all life is hopelessness. You have also lost your license to practice, may well get sued by any relatives and will have to practice spreading hopelessness through another venue. Such as online forums.
It helps if you quote the post to which you are responding.

Just sayin'.
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