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Default Re: questions about birth control again

Originally Posted by casey zia View Post
Take a breath, brendenseth. Nobody is judging here. You've got some very decent and loving replies to your question. Post Partum Depression is very serious and very difficult, and we realize that your wife getting pregnant at this time is not good. The Church teaching is clear, and you seem to be looking for loopholes. Birth control pills are abortifacient, read the pharmacological inserts.
Actually there are acceptable therapeutic reasons for taking the pill. PPD is not one of them. Birth control pills "solve" ppd by contracepting and preventing pregnancy. Thus the object of the action in this case would be to contracept. You could not argue that the contraceptive effect is just a side effect of your true purpose because its not. The contraceptive effect is how your going about fulfilling your true purpose. If the pill didn't contracept it wouldn't solve ppd. That is the definition of an intrinsically evil act.

There are cases where taking the pill for therapeutic reasons is permissible when it actually does something therapeutic and the contraceptive effect can actually be said to be a side effect. A quick way to think about it is like this...

"if I took this medication with just the contraceptive effect removed would it still fulfill the original purpose I'm taking it"

Does this make sense brendenseth?
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