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Default Re: questions about birth control again

Originally Posted by thistle View Post
Use of condoms is forbidden under all circumstances.
Anyone who knows this and still uses a condom commits a mortal sin and if they die suddenly then they go to Hell.
Church teaching is very clear. Anyone who dies in a state of mortal sin goes to Hell.

Sorry as far as I've been taught, God is the ONLY one who can say for sure if someone is going to Hell.

Also if this woman is on any pill or Yaz for PMDD and not to just prevent pregnancy - it's licit - it's allowed by the church - regardless of what may be a possible out come.

God Bless

With all the talk of pills being abortifacients - WHY does no one bring up the fact that with all women, it is not odd for the body to naturally keep some fertilized eggs from implanting - you can't tell the difference AND it is a possible consequence with CERTAIN progesterone/estrogen pills among others- no one can say for sure if this wouldn't happen anyway. I'm not pro abortion - I'm just saying all the facts need to be put out there.
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