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Arrow Posting Guidelines for In the News Sub-Forums

Guidlines for posting controversial topics on CA In the News forums.

General Guidelines
  • Always abide by the forum rules.
  • Civility and a respect for each other should be foremost.
  • Posters are expected to treat each other as equals with equal expectations of each other in terms of research, logic, challenges, and portrayal of Catholic teaching.
  • Questions are a better approach than assertions, unless the latter are framed in a non-confrontational and non-accusatory manner.
  • Don't answer a question with a question. If you don't know the answer, say so.
  • Rhetorical questions may be used to introduce a new aspect of inquiry but not to evade challenges or to call into question the intelligence, education, or any other personal qualities of another poster.
  • It is acceptable to question policies and practices
  • It is never acceptable to question the sincerity of an individual's beliefs
  • It is never acceptable to assume or say you know what another person thinks or needs.
  • If you aren't going to go into the discussion with the resolution that you could just possibly have your view broadened, you may as well not go into it.
  • Terms of derision, derogatory remarks, baiting, and inflammatory statements are prohibited.
  • Dredging up embarrassing historical incidents in the history, unless it is for valid discussion of the effect these have on current policy or practice serves no useful purpose.
  • Expecting members of a mainstream political party to defend or answer for the excesses or extremism of fringe bodies is a technique that causes like retaliation and should be avoided.
  • Avoid categorizing people by a term which could be considered derogatory (e.g., Nazi or neocon) unless they have embraced that title. In which case, you may qualify them with the term as long as you preface it with the word "avowed." Posters are asked to use their best judgement when posting articles using such terms. Do not abbreviate terms.

Sarcasm, Making Corrections and Jumping Threads
  • On the use of sarcasm: Use emoticons when possible to convey your intent. A smiley-face or a wink can demonstrate that you are not intending malice. End the post on a positive note, devoid of sarcasm. A pleasant ending can act like sugar helping the medicine go down. Think of sarcasm like salt. Just as you wouldn't dump a shakerful on your food, don't dump a load of sarcasm into a post. Use it sparingly.
  • Don't jump threads. If you get involved in an argument in one thread, it's considered poor manners to restart the previous argument in the middle of an unrelated thread. Also, if the moderator closes a thread, consider the subject closed and do not begin it anew in another thread.
  • It is easy to stray from the rules in the heat of battle. Try to make corrections gently, with the assumption that no offense was meant. It usually is not. Also, keep in mind that some people are thick-skinned. What seems a vicious attack to you may seem a light-hearted spar to them.

  • When you agree with a part of what someone said. Tell them. It doesn't hurt your position to agree with some part of an opposing argument. In fact, it lets others know that you are listening.

What to look for in your post before you press submit
  • Is the post civil and charitable?
  • Does the post challenge those to whom it is directed or does it bash them?
  • And remember: always, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Guidelines on posting articles to Catholic Answer Forums:
  • Stay on the topic of the forum you are posting in. If you are going to post an article, make sure you are placing it in the correct forum.
  • Use the original title. When you post an article, be sure to use the original title in the subject of your post. This helps users find the article and lessens the chance of a double post.
  • Always provide a link to a publically available news source.
  • Avoid quoting from copyrighted works. Instead, paraphrase what is said and provide a link. If you do quote, limit your quotes to one to three paragraphs.
  • Do not post articles that make personal attacks or are in other ways inappropriate for the CA forums.

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