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Default Re: Liturgical Abuses and no help from Bishop - where to go?

It's seems I'm reposting this all over the forums this morning. Sorry to be redundent.
Our bishop was of retirement age. Our diocese was very abuse ridden. We launched a final campaign to lobby for an orthodox replacement. We launched a website and some in our group gathered up all of the documentation and examples of abuses over the years (actually, a lot of it was recent since we were always being expose to it) and burned it onto a multi-media CD. It had video of clown masses, awful diocesan letters, letters to us from our Bishop, etc., etc., etc. They sent it off to many offices in Rome including the Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger's office, Congragation of Bishops, etc., the Papal Nuncio. A few months later we were assigned a GREAT bishop. We wondered for a few months if anything we did helped and then Cardinal Ratzinger called a priest friend of ours to his office and asked him if he knew the people who were lobbying for an orthodox replacement. He vouched for us and Cardinal Ratzinger told him to tell us that the CD was the biggest thing to ever hit Rome and that everyone (presumably even the Pope) had seen it and it had been passed around. He also said we should spread this method to others. We had another independent confirmation of the success of the CD when one of us was vacationing in Rome. They ran into a friend who had a priest from the Congregation of Bishops with him. They were introduced as being from our diocese and the first words out of this priests mouth were "Are you the ones who put together that CD?" He said it was very helpful to see first hand what was happening in our diocese. If anyone else would like more info, please PM me.
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