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Default Re: Gay Marriage Phobia

Originally Posted by WillieWonka View Post
I didn't say we don't need religion. I said religion is not necessary to develop moral views.
Thinking is not necesary to develop moral views. Anyone can make up their own morality.

The question is whether areligious moral views are coherent and intellectually defensible.

It's one thing when homosexuals design moral views around their sexual preferences, another thing entirely when constitutional lawyers give them the impremature of constitutional legitimacy by throwing out anything based on religion.

Originally Posted by WillieWonka View Post
David Boies is far to shrewd to attack religion. But he is also smart enough to know that our constitution prohibits the establishment of religion. What he refers to as religious based views are those put forward as correct because they are consistent with religion. They would be unque to a religion and not simply wider values shared by the culture. Murder is an example of a shared moral value. As he states, there are some who believe it is sufficient for something to be inconsistent with religion to be illegal. He correctly states this is not the case. (Boies is the guy who represented Al Gore before the Supreme Court in the 2000 election.)
It is sufficient for something to be inconsistent with my faith for me to vote according to that faith. If judges are deciding cases according to whether or not they believe that I am voting on the basis of my religion then they are "disenfranchsing" me.

And when I notice that a constitutional principle is being put forward that religion-based morality is ipso facto unconstitutional that moves me from indifference to outrage.

A I noted in the OP, I don't have a strong opinion on legalizing homosexuality or even "gay marriage" but I do have a strong opinion on outlawing religion-based morality.

It's interesting that you give credit to these argument when they failed in CA, one of the most liberal states, which is why this issue is being run up the flagpole in the federal courts.

Originally Posted by WillieWonka View Post
Perhaps some do not expect gays to mount the most effecive campaign they can for gay marriage. I expect it. It makes sense, and it's working well.
It certainly makes sense to encourage your opponents to take themselves out of the debate.

How many of you Catholics out there are willing to be silenced because your morality is "religon-based"?
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