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Old Jun 28, '09, 6:53 pm
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Default Answering More Difficult Questions...

I was wondering what you guys do when dealing with more "difficult" questions... We were at a party last night for someone from dh's family. I probably knew 5-10% of the people max, and last time I saw many of those I was pregnant with #3. I got introduced to many of them and since I have a big belly right now people knew I was pregnant and small talk was always pretty much asking me how far along I was, etc and what number this baby was... when I would answer #4 everyone always made big deal "Oh my goodness!" "How many more?.... are you ever going to stop?" the usual, I can deal with those, light humor, smile, let them know we love our kids and are happy to have them, etc.... Anyways, one person said: "Well obviously (dh's name) you have a great job to be expecting another one, what do you do?" and someone else (family member) kind of asked us indirectly how we could be having more kids with the economy and job instability as it is, that he worries for his son and his son's family, and that our family probably worries for us, etc etc. Now this person knows a little more about dh's job... and like many other people our job stability now isn't the best, but its actually the nature of dh's job, and we have had several blows along the way anyways, and God has aaaalways provided well for us. This person was not at all religious, etc, so it was hard to explain we trust in God, but that is a biggy behind why we are open to more kids. What do you do when you get questions that are like that? Questions that can only be answered by the fact that we are trusting in God, etc, but that the person will probably think we are being irresponsible religious fanatics if we tell them.... Do you answer that way anyways? I know I said something along the lines that we can't live in fear etc and later something that things work out, but I wasn't sure what else to say. I have also gotten comments about giving kids attention from parents, and how it probably harder to do if we have many more kids. That is another one that is harder for me to answer, because although I do know that love will be abundant, and I can see it in my kids right now, the love of the siblings etc, and I can also see how they get attention from each other, playing in ways I could never play with them as an adult, etc, and I know large families are a blessing, and if we are blessed with one I know it will be what is best for the whole family, but I still wonder how Iwill be a good enough mother for many, knowing it is probably easier to only worry about one or 2, rather than many kiddos. Once again, I do know it is what would be best for my family, if it was the size God decided to send us, but I wonder how to convey the message when asked questions related to that area, an area where we are trusting in God too. Ever since we had baby #1 I have always tried to be very careful with everything I say and do because I have definitely observed that the more kids you have, the more scrutiny that people look at you with, ang just in case we were going to be blessed with more, I wanted to be extra careful. Aaanyways, sorry for the long post, just wanted your thoughts on the subject . Thanks!
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Old Jun 29, '09, 9:43 am
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Default Re: Answering More Difficult Questions...

Oh to live our Faith in this world is so hard. My response since our third is always: "Oh we are open to as many blessings as God will let us borrow from Him." I have found that answer will either make people think or make them be quiet. Because honestly it is none of their business.

If they start on about being able to afford them. I will say something to like whenever God sends us another, blessings come from all around.

Even if the person is not religious, always speak the truth. You never know when you will plant a seed that will take root.

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