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Old Dec 21, '09, 5:29 am
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Default Catholic/Protestant Fellowship

Hello Everyone,
Im so excited to be able to share with other Catholics and I hope this will be an answer to prayer. I recently reverted back to Catholicism a year and a half ago. One of the reasons I was led to Protestantism was because of the ready and accessible fellowship-just felt I couldn't do the Spiritual walk on my own. However, it was like throwing the "baby out with the bathwater." There just wasn't enough substance-even though there was much emotional support. After awhile though, it just wasn't enough. I still have many Protestant friends and I do envy the fellowship they have with one another. I feel that maybe Im supposed to start more fellowship opportunites or open the door to my domestic church more often-just don't have the direction, courage and/or time to know where to start. Will keep praying about it though and now can share online.
God Bless!
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Old Dec 22, '09, 11:58 am
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Default Re: Catholic/Protestant Fellowship

Hi, even if fellowship is appealing, the desire for truth is much stronger. This is why you are in the Catholic Church now, because your need for truth is stronger than your need for fellowship.
And only in the Catholic Church you can find the truth your heart yearns for.

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Old Nov 23, '14, 6:14 pm
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Default Re: Catholic/Protestant Fellowship

What if we called this thread Christian fellowship? Wouldn't we feel that Jesus called us to seek unity in spite of our differences? Shouldn't we be looking for opportunities to seek common goals? Shouldn't we seek ways to celebrate our Christianity together, and even worship together?
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