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Old Jul 18, '10, 12:47 pm
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Default Diabetic Insulin Pumps

Greetings everyone; I would like to know if anybody here is or are considering purchasing and using a Insulin Pump.
I'm not 100% sure my S.I. insurance card would enable me to afford one, which from my neck of the woods requires a doctors prescription.

With all the confounded medications I have to take it's not always easy to keep my time interval insulin injections timely four times a day with several trips to the hospital weekly for other health problems.

In Atlantic Canada an entrance level insulin pump will set you back between $1,000 & $1,500. Hefty price tag in my view. Another great aspect is that you only have to change the injection needle site once a month, instead of poking myself with an insulin needle 21 multiplied by 4 weeks = 84 times a month.

But wait I'm forgetting my glucose meter blood check 4 times a day. Add that all up that's 168 needle pricks a month. Are we having fun yet. And how about the times when the blood glucose needle doesn't work and you have to reset the bloody needle gauge to a deeper depth almost hitting your finger bones because you have too much callous built up on your fingers.

And then sometimes there's the dreaded sugar low, because you forgot to eat at the right time. Profuse sweating and then passing out.
Its happen to me a few times in through the years of living with diabetes. Pancreatic cancer is another challenge of its own.

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Old Mar 8, '11, 7:37 am
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Default Re: Diabetic Insulin Pumps

I have been on Pump for over 20 years. A little misinformation in your post. The infusion set needs to be changed every 2 or 3 days. It is definitely worth the costs. In canada I think that you are covered for supplies with your wonderful free health cxare (which i hope never will be imitated by the yankees)

Also you might consider a Continuous Glucose Monitor which is a great tool to help achieve better Glucose control. Best of luck with your decision.
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