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Old Feb 20, '11, 6:25 pm
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Default Why not give it a try?

If itís possible I think it would be good for everyone here who hasnít maybe experienced a different form of Liturgy to do so. Now I'm not talking about giving up your parish or the form of Liturgy that you currently attend, but more to experiences the richness of the Catholic Faith. If you are in the Latin Rite and go to the Ordinary Form then try to take some time and go to the Extraordinary Form (if itís available in your area). Maybe if you are in the Eastern Rite you can go and experience a Mass done in the Latin Rite or if youíre in the Latin Rite vice versa. The two main things I stress however is to find a Church that is in union with Rome and a Mass that is REVERENT! While some people have different views of whatís reverent and whatís not there can be NO difference in views on the first point and that is the Church has to be in line with Rome.

I think this will be a great way for us to show charity towards one another and to grow in knowledge and love for the beauty of Holy Mass, and our fellow brothers/sisters in Christ. After you do this (if you do this) then please come back to the forum and describe your experience. Did you like it? Did you not like it? Do you have any questions about it? Did you go more than once to really give it a try? Then we can discuss it and hopefully others who attend the form of Liturgy in question can help answer your questions about what you experienced. Who knows maybe if youíre feeling a little out of place you will find a Rite that speaks to you.

God Bless and happy worshiping
Invoke the Holy Name of Jesus reverently and as often as possible with the intentions of offering God the infinite love and merits of the Incarnation, Passion, and Death of Jesus Christ along with the 500,000 masses being celebrated daily for the glory of God, the Souls in Purgatory and our own.
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Old Mar 24, '11, 7:51 pm
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Default Re: Why not give it a try?


I am intrigued with your group since I love the Mass so much, I have attended a few EF Masses in the Latin Rite and several in the Dominican Rite. I love the reverence I find there, the silence makes it possible to allow the Holy Spirit to draw us into the Sacrifice and the less frequent movements seem to be less disruptive to the prayer. At the last Extraordinary Form Mass (Latin) I attended there was a small procession of the Blessed Sacrament as it was Corpus Christi and the reverence of the altar servers enhanced the truth of His Presence as He moved by. I was filled with gratitude and grief since most of the time I do not perceive that level of reverence in the churches I attend.

I believe that if we are blessed to have a priest who loves the Eucharist with great love and understanding that OF or EF or any form of the mass is more efficacious for it.

I am new at these forum things, hoping to not offend...

God bless you all and be well loved in His Eucharist,

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