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Old Aug 22, '11, 3:11 am
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Default Orwellian government oppression

Once a much freer country through the blood of many brave souls, our government (local, state, and United States) continues in the path toward implementing the types of measures in George Orwell's "1984."

Orwell wrote in his introduction that he is not predicting these things will come to pass, but the oppressive measures he describes are totally in line with the attitudes of those in power, and if they had the technology they would not hesitate to implement them.

The best example of an anti-Constitutional move I can think of is the USA Patriot Act, which was a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 and is probably the single biggest intrusion on the rights of the individuals I've seen in my lifetime. And it doesn't matter which party wins the elections. The senate vote was 98-1. Bush signed it and Obama extended it.

Given our currently existing technology, we are moving to where our automobiles are tracked, policing is done electronically without even so much as human judgment (think "photo enforced" traffic lights) and now, in the name of terrorism, "they" can sneak into your house and plant bugs without a warrant, or even notifying you they were there. I also have some of my own predictions for the future, which may come up in later posts.

I foresee all sorts of Orwellian measures that are now technically possible, and the USA Patriot Act is a very visible reminder to those who are paying attention (all too few of us) that we are losing the freedoms the founding fathers died to give us. Speech is not free; it is controlled. There is no real right to privacy anymore, if it doesn't suit the government for you to have it -- "due process" and "presumption of innocence" is out the window.

As a champion for the oppressed and for civil liberties, what can the Church do to combat this trend that is inevitable and already in process, by the government, to oppress and enslave us? How do my observations compare with governments outside the USA?

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Old Aug 23, '11, 12:27 pm
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Default Re: Orwellian government oppression

I agree with you about the PATRIOT Act. It will be interesting to read a history 20-30 years from now that discusses the quick deterioration of civil rights that occurred in America in the past decade. Or to compare it with some of the authoritarian systems that have and do exist elsewhere. We once condemned them, now we are becoming just like them.

The Church can do little if anything, I am afraid, other than to support the human and civil rights of those who are still not full participants in our society and democracy. They will not protest things like the PATRIOT Act, unless a law would seriously infringe on the freedom of worship or assembly.

The irony is that we have gladly embraced the technologies found in Facebook, Twitter other social media, with little awareness of how much it all invades our privacy and freedom. Government agencies love these social networks; it makes it much easier to find and identify people. I just saw an article about how Facebook can be used to track down deadbeats, such as people who have defaulted on student loans. If you want avoid paying your debts, don't join Facebook!
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