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Old Nov 9, '09, 12:56 am
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Default Already Gone !

a recent,reliable,Christian survey/research revealed that 2/3rds of Christian youths had given up and fallen away from the faith before starting employment or college,Even more startingly those who had the most and best christian input fell away in the greatest numbers.A recent Catholic survey/research disclosed that 97% of Catholic school leavers are walking away from the Church every year.Here we may well ask will our grandchildren still be Catholic. So let us seek out the cause and the remedy now rather than too late - to be continued - meanwhile any comments - twinc
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Old Nov 10, '09, 10:25 am
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Default Re: Already Gone !

contd:-It seems as stated in the Bible at Lk.16:8 that the children and adults of this world are wiser and cleverer than our children and adults.Our first Pope foresaw this and requested that we and our children be prepared "to give an answer to any who ask regarding our faith".[1Peter 3:15-16] - we have been misled to accept by and with them that the Bible is rubbish and full of errors,lies,contradictions,exaggerations ,impossibilities and myths and fairy tales and unreliable as science and history .So here we have the cause and remedy.Let us hope and pray it is accepted and acted upon before too late or will our grandchildren still be Catholics - twinc
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Old Dec 14, '09, 9:53 am
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Default Re: Already Gone !

This just brings tears to my eyes. What can we do to prevent children from falling away from the Church?
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Old Oct 22, '11, 7:31 pm
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Default Re: Already Gone !

I graduated school in 2007 after spending by whole schooling life at my Catholic school. No one in my graduating year attends Church. I also fell away for some time but thankfully God brought me back. From my own experience young people leave the Church for two main reasons, and we must admit our problems before we can solve them.

1. Education
Im not sure what it is like now but for the 12 years I went to a Catholic school the religion classes were simply a free period where we could write in our journals and draw pictures they were not read by the teachers. Then for our final two years of high school religion classes were about life in general rather than christian life. Students need apologetics because young people crave knowlege, and we are taught not to follow things blindly. We were never taught that religion actually has logical reasoning as well as faith. I always questioned how do we know Catholicism is the right religion. And we were simply not taught these sorts of things.

2. Engaging in Church Life and Mass
In my country (Australia) I can see protestant youth groups growing by the masses, yet our own Catholic youth groups appear to be dying. Young people need to be engaged. In this case I think we need to look at the protestant denominations and learn something from them. I also think music could be a great draw card into the Church. But as soon as someone mentions using contemporary instruments in the mass people get up in arms.

I went to mass today, looked around, 99% of the people attending were over the age of 40, with the majority of those looking to be older than 60. Before i continue i want to say the miracle of the mass is beautiful and in no way is what im about to say meant to take away from it. The music was utterly horrible. An organ playing, with a chior of 5 people singing the blandest music I ever hear. Mass is meant to be something powerful. I honestly believe that if we improved our music minisrtys we could engage so many more young people. But because the mass music can be so dry people stop thinking what the mass is about and start thinking they cant wait to get out of there. Loosing focus on the mass, what it is about, and eventually start leaving.

For once i think we need to look at the protestant churches who in my country are growing in numbers in every day. Although they are not Christs church, they sure do know how to evangelise young people, and this is what we need to start doing.
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