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Old Nov 2, '11, 10:33 pm
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Default My Child in Heaven

I "lost" a child at about six months into my third pregnancy. The cord had wrapped around his neck and he died. I was devastated. It was right at Easter. My husband and sister went and picked out a casket and our priest traveled with my entire family (aunts,uncles, sisters, cousins,etc) to our family cemetery in the country....and I buried the baby next to my great grandmother. I always wonder what that child would have been like...but I never question...because I know one day, the Good Lord will explain it all to me...and I know now that I probably would have never had my youngest son Michael - who has brought me much joy and is loved so very much by us all.

I sometimes feel guilty and I am not certain why...I feel sad....but the Good Lord is always there... lifting me up. Trying to understand why is futile...and I decided that it is like that old analogy that life is like a tapestry...we only see the underside where all the ugly knots and loose threads are...but when we get to Heaven, God will show us the "Right" side of the tapestry...and it will be beautiful!

I am so happy to find this site. This event took place over 25 years ago but I still think about it... and about my baby in Heaven..
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Old Nov 5, '11, 5:40 pm
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Wink Re: My Child in Heaven

Hello and welcome. I'm sorry to hear of this tragedy in your life. One thing caught my attention, that you feel guilty. Guilt is a tool of the devil! Satan loves to make us feel guilty, it is his prime weapon against us. When you feel any kind of guilt about the past, remind the devil about his future and where he shall spend eternity! Then pray and ask the Lord to heal your feelings. sk
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Old Dec 15, '11, 4:47 pm
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Thumbs up OUR Children in Heaven

Can you imagine what it must be like in Heaven on Christmas! Oh the joy, oh the gifts, oh the beauty... and the Most Blessed Gift of All lives there with them!!!
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