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Old Dec 17, '11, 10:52 am
Crux Sancta Crux Sancta is offline
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Default Former occultist, convert to the Catholic faith.

Hello, I used to be first an atheist, and later found myself in very dangerous circles in the occult, ones which are directly working against the Church. It was through divine illumination when I was in opposition to God that I learned of His reality, and the truth of the Catholic faith, and it has been a long difficult journey to go from being a pawn of the Devil to the Church, filled with spiritual oppression, threatening dreams, unwanted thoughts of suicide, monstrously impure thoughts, fears of horrible torture and death, aversion to crucifixes and constant paranoia.

When I speak of Satanists, I'm not talking about kids playing around with inverted pentagrams, I'm talking about insane people who engage in Devil Worship of an Orthodox nature (as in, acknowledging the truth of the Church's teachings, being extremely well-versed in them , and deliberately worshipping and _serving_ Satan in a subservient manner, without any self-delusion about it, and for purposes of deliberately trying to destroy the Church and the human race, not to gain money or have personal desires filled).

I could see why someone would not want to talk to me, in that respect, but I know what these people are doing on a metaphysical level and I have taken steps to try to stop them on a spiritual level, and by attacking them on their home turf through art, as dangerous as that may be; I'd rather just face the possibility of death and fight this than live as a coward.

Please pray for me!
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Old Dec 17, '11, 11:59 am
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Default Re: Former occultist, convert to the Catholic faith.

Get rid of all occult materials even those just relating to the occult.

Have you been partaking in Holy Communion?

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Old Dec 18, '11, 4:25 am
Crux Sancta Crux Sancta is offline
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Default Re: Former occultist, convert to the Catholic faith.

I do not have any occult materials, those were discarded of long ago. I attend mass every Sunday and go to confession usually every week.
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Old Dec 22, '11, 5:22 pm
TimSeeker TimSeeker is offline
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Default Re: Former occultist, convert to the Catholic faith.

Hello and God bless you you are not alone.
I would suggest you not send neg stuff there way to thier home turf. This is not overcoming evil with good and I know the temptation is very strong to deliver evil for evil. There is a probability that I had a mental thing with a well known satanist. It was basically a street fight in the astral and it had alot to do with my own ego. This was a unproductive contest. The best place to be is where the Holy spirit has you grounded to the foot of the cross. All the angels of the angels of the dark and of the earth are gounded to the foot of the cross like some big electric grid. Neg energy seeks its own level. When we are grounded to the cross by the blood the neg stuff goes right thru us like shadows. The Holy Spirit gives Christ's body and you more power over the dark then any Satanist. If necessary you/ we have the right to defend. but Peace is always the goal.
Not sure if your experience was with Setians, Satantist or fringe Satanist groups which can be really negative. Some groups are worse then others. Establishing terms of some kind of Peace should always be the goal if possible. I believe it is often possible. They do not wish to experience anymore pain then they have to. We can deliver evil if necessary just like Peter blinded Magnus, as we are One body in the blood. But Our goal should always be Peace if at all possible, Some of them do have rules of engagement . According to thier own rules on the thier web sites.
Blessings and Peace
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