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Old Jan 30, '12, 10:56 pm
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Default My Animal Resuce story

Its kind of a long story but it shows me how much God loves animals.

On Christmas Eve I went to Mass with my Godmother. When I got back into the car I noticed a text message from my husband telling me he had gotten me another Christmas present (we had already exchanged gifts) When I got home sitting next to my husband was a beautiful young brindle pitbull/Mastiff mix. While over at a friends house my husband had found her on the street with no collar. So we decided to take her in and keep a look out for her owner. I fell in love with her right away. She became my best friend and companion.

Last week her owner came knocking on my friends door looking for the dog, so my husband went over to our friends house and it was the mans dog. I of course started crying because I loved the dog very very deeply and I didn't want to loose her.

Well the man followed us back to our house to get the dog and when we went into the back yard the dog was gone.let me note that we had the dog for over a month and there was a way for her to get under the house and get out as well as the fact that she was able to jump over the fence if she wanted but she never had until this day,.

Well my husband told the man that when we found the dog we would give him a call. At that moment my husband got a call from animal control saying that someone had brought in our dog (After two weeks and not finding the owner we put a collar and tag on the dog.) So my husband told the man and he instantly stiffed up. When my husband asked what was wrong the man said that he had problems with Animal control in the past and just had to pay $550 fine for his dogs. This sent up a red flag.

So when we went out to the animal shelter we told the ladies there our story and what was going on. Let me say that these women are FANTASTIC and really love animals. They were supposed to charge us a fee for dog being out but they didn't.

Well anyway The woman then asked where we had found the dog and we told her. She then asked if the mans name was Bobby (which it was) When we replied yes she described the man perfect to us and said that if we loved animals and had any heart we would not give the dog back. She then proceeded to explain the man was running an illegal breeding operation and breed dogs to fight. At that moment my husband and I knew we wouldn't give the dog back.

When we got home the Man and his girlfriend were parked in front of our house. When the dog saw those people she refused to get out of the car. She was clearly scared. When I told them that we knew the truth and we weren't giving the dog back she got in my face and called me a drug addict and all sorts of names. They threatened to come and take the dog out of the backyard we kept the dog. Then they decided they were going to come back the next day with the police to get their dog back (even though it was by law now our dog because she had no tags when we found her and had been paying for her for over 2 weeks)

The people never came back but the Animal Shelter did call and say the people showed up and made a big fuss for them telling us the truth. The dog is happy and well cared for and has never attempted to get out again.

I think God had something to do with her getting out because if she wouldn't have gotten out then we would have never known the truth and I don't even want to think about where our beautiful dog would be now.
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