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Old Feb 13, '12, 10:52 am
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Default The Books of Enoch

“The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim (With Extensive Commentary on the Three Books of Enoch, the Fallen Angels, the Calendar of Enoch, and Daniel’s Prophecy)”
By Joseph B. Lumpkin
Fifth Estate
Blountsville, Alabama, USA
ISBN 9781936533077
363 pages

- - -

The Bible refers to many books that are not included in the Bible itself. Several extra-Biblical books are explicitly mentioned by name. Some are quoted within the Bible text, but not explicitly named. Some are alluded to.
“They are not spiritual canon, either because they were not available at the time the canon was originally adopted, or at the time they were not considered ‘inspired’.”
(In fact, the Book of Enoch was included in the early Christian Bible, but removed later.)

Lumpkin’s book examines several extra-Biblical books, in particular, three versions of the Book of Enoch:

The First Book of Enoch (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch),
The Second Book of Enoch (The Slavonic Secrets of Enoch), and
The Third Book of Enoch (The Hebrew Book of Enoch).

Copies of the book among the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the book was in existence before the time of Jesus Christ.

In addition, this book presents material from several other extra-Biblical books:

The Books of Adam and Eve,
The Book of Giants,
The Book of Jubilees, and
The Book of Jasher.

These books provide much additional material to that which is included in the Old Testament. For example, the story of Adam and Lilith, the Apocryphon of John, and The Books of Adam and Eve provide a lot of information about the time just after the creation of Adam and Eve. And the Book of Enoch, itself, provides additional information about why God’s anger was aroused to the point of wanting to destroy everything on Earth with the Flood: the fallen angels that had left their stations, come down to Earth, had intercourse with women, and taught Mankind many evil things. The fallen angels (the Watchers) asked Enoch to intercede to God on their behalf. Part of God’s response to the Watchers follows:
“This is why I have given men wives that they might impregnate them, and have children by them, that deeds might continue on the earth. But you were formerly spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. Therefore I have not appointed wives for you. You are spiritual beings of heaven, and in heaven was your dwelling place. Only after death will man know what you have known.”
“For the children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage, neither can they die any more. For they are equal unto the angels, and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.”
I also found the additional information on Abram interesting. Abram grew up where the worship of idols was practiced, but Abram came to realize they were just idols, and started to pray to God. He even spoke to his father and brothers about the wrongness of idol worship. In fact, it was a fire started by him that caused the death of his brother, Haran. Then they went and lived in the city named Haran. While they were there, Abram was up one night looking up at the skies to try to forecast what the future year would be like, when a word came into his heart. He realized that all these things are under God’s control so, instead of looking for signs of God in the stars, he should talk to God directly:
“My God, God Most High, You alone are my God, and You and your dominion have I chosen . . .”
An angel of god then appeared to him, telling him to leave his country and go to a land which would be shown to him.

Lumpkin also spends some time examining how the Enochian calendar can be applied to the prophecies of Daniel. It is an interesting passage--and it works out quite nicely. In addition, he also calculated the day of Christ’s crucifixion (Nisan 14), to see how that worked out with the Enochian calendar.

In the course of this book, Lumpkin also mentions several other extra-Biblical books, but does not examine them:

The Book of the Wars of the Lord (Numbers 21:14),
The Annals of Jehu (2 Chronicles 20:34),
The Treatise of the Book of the Kings (2 Chronicles 24:27),
The Book of Records/ Book of the Chronicles of Ahasuerus (Esther 2:23, 6:1),
The Acts of Solomon (1 Kings 11:41),
The Chronicles of David (1 Chronicles 27:24),
The Chronicles of Samuel, Nathan, Gad (1 Chronicles 29:29),
Samuel’s Book (1 Samuel 10:25),
The Records of Nathan the prophet (2 Chronicles 9:29),
and several others.

This book covers a lot of ground; trying to write a book review about it is like trying to write a review of the Bible itself--there is simply too much. All I could do was highlight some of the information that I found particularly interesting. I do encourage people to read The Book of Enoch (doesn’t have to be this particular version); it provides another aspect of events from the Old Testament, especially the Book of Genesis. Lumpkin’s book, in particular, is a good introduction to the large quantity of material available that covers the same topics as those covered in the Bible, from sources similar to those of the Bible, from the same geographical and religious background—but not actually included the Bible. From this point, if a person were interested in further researching any of these books, they have a good list of extra-Biblical material from which to choose. For example, this book also mentioned The War Scrolls, and The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Judas, but did not examine them. Now that I know about these books, my curiousity has been roused and I plan to learn more about them. In conclusion, this book was an enjoyable read and did a good job of stimulating my appetite for further reading and learning.
Old Aug 23, '12, 3:25 pm
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Default Re: The Books of Enoch

I borrowed a book from my Deacon/rcia teacher called The Other Bible. It has most of those extrabiblical books (no commentary, just the books) in a single volumn. It was compiled in the 70s so it doesnt include everything but I found it very interesting. I enjoyed the infancy gospel of Jesus & also of Mary. He loaned me the book after a discussion on Islam & Mary as well as things from sacred tradition such as the names of the Blessed Mothers parents. He made sure that I was aware that these books are not meant to take the place of scripture but simply a historical reference. Some of the books are dry but as I said, some were very interesting.
"For the sake of his sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us & on the whole world" --Divine Mercy

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