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Old Feb 24, '12, 5:45 am
LovePatience LovePatience is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: August 12, 2011
Posts: 478
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Did Christinaty enslaved blacks ?

There is a difference between Christians who are sinners and Catholicism that is the church that Christ, who was perfect, established that has Christians as members

1) in distant but partial communion - ordinary Christians
2) in a closer but still imperfect communion due to sin - ordinary Catholics
3) in a closeness that approaches perfection while on earth - Saints
4) perfect - Mary and Christ

Slavery predated Christianity. It can be traced back to the Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1760 BC) Around the year 1500, slavery had virtually died out in Western Europe, but was a normal phenomenon practically everywhere else. This is because of such as this: "In 1102 a national ecclesiastical council, held at Westminster, under Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Anselm, prohibited the slave trade. They decreed: ‘Let no one hereafter presume to engage in that nefarious trade in which hitherto in England men were usually sold like brute animals." So white slavery of whites ended.

It was also clear that slavery was wrong in general. Christ told St. Bridget of Sweden that so-called Christians who didn't set slaves free would be heavily punished. She was canonized in the year 1391 by Pope Boniface IX, which was confirmed by the Council of Constance in 1415. Because of new discussions about her works, the Council of Basel confirmed the orthodoxy of the revelations in 1436.

After slavery ended among whites in Europe for Christianity, they still enslaved blacks. They were much more harsh to blacks than they formerly where to whites because they were racist and they were more harsh to blacks than blacks where to blacks (except in Muslim countries such as Sudan). They were so much more powerful than other regions of the world, especially Africa, that it was totally one-sided. John Newton was a slavetrader that realized at the point of severe illness, nearing death, that if God was just, he would punish him. So he wrote "Amazing Grace" and supported abolition, convinced his friend William Wilberforce to not become a Pastor and instead work on the abolitionist movement. Wilberforce ended the slave trade throughout the British Empire because of his faith. Also Catholic thinkers such as Bartolomé de las Casas gave reasons in Latin America why slavery was wrong from a slave's point of view that helped the Church theologians and rulers to realize how wrong it was, i.e. Valladolid debate.

Some Popes tried to limit abuses of slavery through decrees. At least one Pope is cited as supporting slavery of infidels. These weren't declared infalliable. Often there were differences between Popes and Catholic regions, such as America. Augustine Tolton was a former slave who wanted to become a priest, but no Catholic seminary in the United States would admit him due to being black so a seminary in Rome admitted him, and he trained in Rome.

Slavery ended in most countries after it ended in the West.

Some forms of slavery, prostitution, still go on. Google devoted money to ending slavery in 2011.

So, yes, Christians enslaved blacks, but then most people who call themselves Christians also have sex outside of marriage and Gingrich has been married 3 times. It is similar to the Protestant Reformation. The scandals of the Church led people to leave the Church, but they also lead to the Council of Trent where the canon of the Bible was determined for the first time. So the scandal of racial slavery among Christians caused slavery to reach such horrors that the Church determined that slavery was wrong. Were there racists in the Church? Yes. Are there still racists in the Church? Yes. Are ALL people in the Church racist or is Catholicism racist because some people are racist, no.
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Old Feb 24, '12, 5:45 am
LovePatience LovePatience is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: August 12, 2011
Posts: 478
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Did Christinaty enslaved blacks ?

St. Bridget of Sweden's Revelations: Book 1: Chapter 28. Time 1303-1373.
Now, however, know that in the Neapolitan citizenry many different horrible and secret sins are being committed which I am not relating to you. But instead I am speaking to you now about two kinds of open sins that greatly displease my Son and me and all the heavenly court.
The first sin is the fact that in this said city many buy pagans and infidels to be their slaves and that some masters of those slaves do not bother to baptize them and do not want to convert them to the Christian faith. And even if some of them are baptized, their masters bother no more, after the slaves' baptism, to have them instructed and trained in the Christian faith or to train them in the reception of the Church's sacraments than they did before the slaves' baptism and conversion. And so it results that the said convert slaves, after accepting the faith, commit many sins and do not know how to return to the sacraments of penance and communion or how to be restored in the state of salvation and of reconciliation with God and of grace.
Moreover, some keep their female servants and slaves in extreme abjection and ignominy, as if they were dogs - selling them and, what is worse, frequently exposing them in a brothel to earn money that is a disgrace and an abomination. Others, in fact, keep them in their own houses as prostitutes both for themselves and for others; and this is extremely abominable and hateful to God and to me and also to the whole heavenly court.
Some other masters so grieve and exasperate these said servants of theirs with abusive words and blows that some of the said servants come to a state of despair and want to kill themselves. Indeed these sins and acts of negligence much displease God and all the heavenly court.
For God himself loves them because he created them; and to save all, he came into the world, taking flesh from me, and endured suffering and death on the cross. Know too that if anyone buys such pagans and infidels with the intention of making them Christians and wants to instruct and train them in the Christian faith and virtues and intends, during his life or at his death, to set these slaves at liberty so that the said slaves may not pass to his heirs, such a master of slaves merits much by this and is acceptable in the sight of God. But know for very certain that those who do the contrary will be heavily punished by God.
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Old Feb 24, '12, 8:48 am
Leon Bloy's Avatar
Leon Bloy Leon Bloy is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: December 16, 2011
Posts: 711
Religion: Roman Catholic
Default Re: Did Christinaty enslaved blacks ?

Is he saying "Christianity" did, or "some Christians" did? Like others pointed out, enslavement has been done by all kinds of people in history.

If he is saying "Christianity" enslaved, then you can tell him that it's like saying all American are axe murderers just because there have been a few Americans in history that committed axe murders.
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