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Old Mar 4, '12, 12:44 pm
Hovannes Hovannes is offline
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Default Lessons from the tornados

No tornados where I live, but has anyone come away the any insights from the recent, ongoing tragedies?
Praying for all those affected by these terrible calamitys!
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Old Mar 4, '12, 1:34 pm
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Default Re: Lessons from the tornados

Good afternoon, Hovannes,

Fort Worth, TX, where I reside, is at the south end of Tornado Alley. So, what's happening in Alabama, Kansas, etc is truly "There but for the grace of God go I."

There's not much preparation for a tornado. A storm cellar, a go-bag and your usual emergency goods are about it. Of course, there is always prayer.
I guess the storm cellar is the one different preparation for tornadoes, from other disasters.

God loves you,
God is love - St. John

Prayer is the purest form of human love - Don D. Snow

We're all God's creatures...and some humans can be His children. - Don D. Snow

Even the ignorant, may have wisdom. Anonymous
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Old Mar 4, '12, 7:02 pm
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Default Re: Lessons from the tornados

I live in Northwest Missouri, and we have seen our share of bad storms. Luckily, there have never really been any terrible tornados here, but that could easily change at any time. There really isn't much we do to prep for a tornado, other than be ready to head to the basement if absolutely necessery. My heart does to go out to all those who have recently been affected by the horrible storms....
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Old Dec 2, '12, 8:01 pm
Wynfrith77 Wynfrith77 is offline
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Default Re: Lessons from the tornados

Yep storm shelter or basement, and harden a section of it e.g. panic room style. Throw a bag with things you will need, such as clothing because they have a bad habit of showing up at 3 AM. The only other thing you can do is pray.

When I was little and lived in Cleburne, Texas for a couple of years we had a neighbor with a shelter. There were gates in the fences so we could run to it. Never ran to it because there was never time, but I did spend many of a night or day in a closet. Trust me you realize how fragile everything is when you are in a closet and your house is moving. This is were prayer kicks in, and just like fox holes there are no atheists.
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