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Old Apr 24, '12, 9:00 am
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Default Going thru a divorce~Life in the military

Hi everyone , I guess I should start of saying that I am young mother of two beautiful children. I just got out of the service and going thru the process of divorce. My husband had asked me for a divorce a couple months after coming back from deployment. His drunkness and unusual behavior in the family household revealed his affair with someone he was deployed with. Im extremely heartbroken and sad. He is moving to his new duty station and I am moving back home. Before this deployment, He gave me hopes of a wonderful marriage and family with God involved. I am extremely confused as to how someone could change and stop loving a wife and family with a switch of a button.
With a little background, I met my husband at an early age of 21, basically my first year in the service. We went to training together and confined eachother our dreams. We both loved eachother and didnt wanna separate. So we got married in the civil court, not your average fairtale wedding in which i dreamt about when i was a little girl. Later I found myself missing the church and wanting to have a catholic marriage. I contacted our decon at our local parish where we both were stationed. Later finding out the requirments and being discouraged , I found out that I was pregnant. Pregnant and my husband soon to deploy. I was left to grow up real fast. Keeping in touch with my husband during deployment and being a new mom and being an active duty member was alot for me to handle. Not alot of young folks especially civilians would deal with that kind of stuff at my age. So I set aside my dreams and goals for the benefit of our new family. We both decided that it was beneficial for him to go to school and get his degree. He graduated from college and went thru many long training days of school and work. Upon recieving orders he was sent on deployment. I began to feel alone in this marriage. Then one day on our way home, my husband says to me that he wants to convert to Catholicism, he wants to get married in the church, wants our children to be brought up in the church and that he wants to be head of our household. I cried tears of joy. So we began the planning of everything. We met with our local pastor and he began to set up meeting for my husband to attend RCIA and for our marriage to be settle in the church. Those plans where shortly cut due to my husband being called to duty once again. With a flicker of an eye, he was off for deployment. We kept in touch, and he asked me to make him a promise to keep the kids in church and to make it a priority to keep them in our faith. One month into the deployment, I was pregnant with our second child. My husband was attending RCIA meetings on his deployment with a priest. My husband was blessed because he came home shortly just in time to see our son born. Many service men arent so lucky or fortunate to witness there childs birth. Our son was soon baptized in the church. Six months went by and again duty calls. He had to leave again. Now he was gone. I had to deal again with another deployment this time with two kids. Emails became short, time one phone less to the point of no phone calls. Communication became less and less.... Keeping myself and the kids occupied we did alot of activities including getting involved with school. Getting ready for his homecoming, I started to have this gut renching feeling in my stomach that i never felt. And no I wasnt pregnant? I was excited because this was the last deployment and that finally we were gonna be able to be on shore duty and finally be together as a family. And so that brings me back to the beginning of this thread. Im now .... praying for my husband to have a change of heart and for him to return back to me and our family.
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Old Apr 8, '14, 10:48 am
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Default Re: Going thru a divorce~Life in the military

We hold you in our prayers, belatedly but of course life goes on and we pray you hold your faith and do your best. We pray also you will come back to Cath Ans. I counted that in total, here, in Family Life Forum, and in the Prayer Intention Forum you received a total of 23 prayers, which is great and I hope you benefited from them, after 3406 views. I hope there were many more prayers than those recorded, and I hope all of us will be inspired to be more prayerful.
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