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Old Mar 22, '12, 12:15 pm
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Default Catholic Democrat asked what's the difference?

Please help!
At our small prayer group today one of the ladies said she was a Democrat and votes Democrat because she saw no difference between the Democratic party being pro-death and the Republicans being pro capital punishment. I didn't have an answer. Please help. Thanks
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Old Mar 22, '12, 8:50 pm
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Default Re: Catholic Democrat asked what's the difference?

The difference is that with capital punishment, the individual has been tried and proven guilty of a terrible offense. The convicted person had a chance to lead a virtuous life and chose not to. An unborn life has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be murdered.

Now, you can argue whether the death penalty is really neccessary in today's society or whether life imprisonment is good enough. But there is a huge difference between someone paying for their crime and a life that has committed no crime or sin. With capital punishment, the argument is whether death is too extreme. With abortion, it's not a matter of degree since the act itself is an intrinsic evil.

If you really want to have a conversation about the difference, just point to the Catechism. I don't have the exact passages, but it spells out the difference quite clearly.
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Old Mar 22, '12, 8:59 pm
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Default Re: Catholic Democrat asked what's the difference?

The infallibly defined dogma of the Catholic Faith allows for the Death Penalty but has never allowed for Abortion. The most recent Catechism has called for restrictions on the use of the Death Penalty and both Blessed JP2, B16 and the USCCB have called for getting rid of it. However, opposition to the death penalty is not part of the infallibly defined part of the faith and faithful Catholic can disagree with the more recent calls and still remain in communion with the Church. Opposition to abortion is absolutely a requirement of those who wish to be faithful Catholics.
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Old Apr 18, '12, 4:50 am
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Unhappy Re: Catholic Democrat asked what's the difference?

I think "getting rid of the death penalty" is more or less confined to being "not executing prisoners". Soldiers in the field, police in life-threatening situations, and even general citizens have a right to defend themselves - and while ideally this can be done short of killing the offending party, it could actually NOT be a sin at all.

Or it could be a mortal sin - if say, one perversely wanted to inflict pain and death out of revenge or hatred and were using otherwise justifiable circumstances as a cover to be destructive.

It is nice that the Church favors mercy over justice - though a balance of both is best when it can be done.

"Justice' can be tricky too. Is caging a criminal for 40 years more merciful than a quick execution (without torture)? Would such a criminal actually have an advantage over most people in being able to confess, repent, and prepare spiritually for the next life knowing death would come "at midnite or dawn"?

Is it more just to house, clothe, feed and medically care for "death penalty" class criminals in clean, warm, well-built prisons at the cost of millions; while some non-criminals are homeless, hungry, on-the-street, without
medical care and more exposed to danger?

Abortion of course is ALWAYS wrong when done deliberately.

Accidental miscarriages and medical procedures to help the mother which incidentally cost a child it's life - despite an effort to save it too - are another matter.

A political party can be a false god. Particularly when it directly opposes God's laws and Church.

I did once have a Catholic Democrat try to convince me not to vote for
a pro-life Republican in favor of a pro-Choice Democrat (the former was not perfect by any means, but I intended to vote for him - and did).

The "what's the difference (politicians are all corrupt)" argument was the ploy. I said "If you feel that way - vote for the Republican pro-lifer!" (What's the difference)?

Suddenly there was a difference. We did not debate politics after this.
I was "impossible".

It sure would be nice to vote for the "better of two goods" once in awhile!

"Moderate" to Jesus: "But .....Why am I in the goat line?!"
Jesus: "What's the difference?" <This can mean many things btw!

Don't be a goat, cast a holy vote. <(If indeed there is such an opportunity)
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Old Apr 27, '12, 8:20 am
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Default Re: Catholic Democrat asked what's the difference?

As I've gotten older and raised my children, I've heard this argument come up often during political discussions. How can we as Catholics support the death penalty - yet not support abortion. Aren't they the same thing after all.

My response would be first look at the numbers.... MILLIONS MORE humans are murdered through the process of abortion vs. the death penalty.

Second, if there is no respect for life at conception how can we expect respect for life as adults? This includes capital punishment, our elderly, etc.

Perhaps if we as a people would begin respecting God's innocent babies again, our society would do the same for those facing the death penalty.

Again, if we don't respect life at conception...sadly, it's only a natural occurrance that our respect for life in general will be diminished. Our current world condition is proof of this.

Satan deceives and imposes his evil bit by bit. That way we as mis-guided humans become more tolerant of such sinful acts. We must begin protecting the unborn. It is the most offensive sin to God our creator.

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