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Old May 2, '12, 7:30 am
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Default My darling Cleo

My cat, Cleo, who I've had for 8 years is dying of leukemia. I took her into the vet yesterday thinking she had a tooth problem when the vet told me she was dying of cancer. I love this cat deeply and I was in complete shock. I was in denial until last night when she started vomiting. I noticed how weak she is and how much her life has diminished. I know it would be inhumane to keep her alive for my own selfish reasons. I'm going to take her to the Humane Society this morning to have her put to sleep. My heart is broken and I feel like not a lot of people understand how I feel. I don't know what prayers to say. I'm not angry at God because I know God doesn't want bad things to happen but I don't know what to say to God either. I feel numb, in shock, depressed, and I'm dreading the next few hours when I will have to say good-bye forever to my Cleo. I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
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Old May 2, '12, 9:10 am
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Default Re: My darling Cleo

I know exactly how you feel. Just tell God how much you love Cleo, and what a blessing she's been in your life, and ask for a quick and peaceful end for her.

I live in the country, and see so many abandoned animals. Don't forget that, not only have you been blessed to have Cleo, she also has been blessed to have you.
"When all is said and done, we are infinitely loved."
Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium
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Old Jul 13, '12, 5:44 am
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Default Re: My darling Cleo

Anne, I haven't visited this group for a while so sorry for not posting at the time. I have two cats who are so dear to me so I totally understand your shock and grief. What can I say except I am praying for you and Cleo right now. May you find peace with her loss. I count myself blessed to have my cats and so were you. What more can we do than try and give them a happy life and sometimes things just happen for no reason and we have to just cope as best we can. God Bless
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