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Closed Thread
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Old Jan 24, '09, 12:31 am
caydamien02 caydamien02 is offline
New Member
Join Date: July 22, 2007
Posts: 22
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Originally Posted by po18guy View Post
The comparison to addictions is given only to provide examples of behaviors that are able to be overcome. Suffering is suffering before the Lord. Since our God is a God of hope, He will provide for all in need who call upon His name for strength. As mentioned, He knows that we will fail, but loves us in our struggle.

Do not think that I am immune to temptations, as I fight my own demons and am crushed when I fail. Jesus instituted the Sacraments for our salvation and consistent reception of those Sacraments is spiritually edifying for each of us. No matter the fight you fight, help is available for the seeker, either from the Church, groups associated with the Church, as well as from fellow Catholics.

May the Lord bless you in your struggle. Without struggle, we will not merit the crown of victory that God has waiting for us.

Christ's peace.
behaviour to overcome? gosh..please overcome your sexuality first. one of Catholic's vision is to overcome sexuality. unless if they are straight then they will talk about Tridentine Mass issue, Sedevacantist, 3rd secret of Fatima, Pope Paul VI, or Protestantism. why dont we call upon the name of the Lord to unite Christian and bring the lost sheep to the Holy Mother Church. why separate us with women, men, gay, straight, transgender, etc. why not fight to make Catholics unite in one faith, one baptism and one body. so that separated brethren will see the gifts of Holy Spirit bestow on us to win many souls.

it is humble and saintly thoughts to admit that you are as sinful as i am incomparison to our hierarchy who exalted as gods on earth. when the voices of its flock is almost not a subject for care and stubborn to science and psychology. anyway you dont even give a credit on why homosexuality is comparison to addiction because addiction brings harm to the body but homosexuality brings harm to...who? family institution, grave sin... LOL

thank you for your prayer[s].
we should pray - may the Church cease the discriminative acts to its children and being attentive to the move of the Holy Spirit and use it for the greater glory of God. through Christ, our Lord. amen.

Old Jan 24, '09, 12:51 am
caydamien02 caydamien02 is offline
New Member
Join Date: July 22, 2007
Posts: 22
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Originally Posted by Shlomey View Post
You know why I like my German Bible: it states that those who believe and obey will be saved.

Christ's death is effective for those who would do what He taught:
"No greater love hath a man than to give up his own life for his friends..."

"You are my friends if you do the things I command you."

Let me translate it:

You will be saved if you OBEY.

Faith = obedience

Jesus forgave the adulteress. Did he say: "You are forgiven. Sleep with the man whom you *love* eventhough he is already married and the Law forbids it"???


He said: "Go and SIN NO MORE."

I have heard many different arguments before already. So let me already tell you that your endeavour to twist Christian dogma simply to have justification for lust will be futile.

sorry? excuse me german bible? well, that's why german Catholic church are fill with old folks and less attendies, most convert to protestantism or islam. obey what sorry? which one in the gospel, the word Jesus said, "I COMMAND YOU GAY PEOPLE STOP SLEEPING WITH MAN".... you in the other hand disobey the very sole commandment to love thy neighbour as thyself. Im not a gay Catholic worship idols, or made gay porn, or one-nite-stand man, or sleeping with someone else's husband. LOL what a judgmental thoughts. there must be a lot of translation error in your german bible which makes you confuse of the word obedience.

o yeah, when Jesus said go and SIN NO MORE, did he meant, that the woman will never 'make love' to her husband. did it mean Jesus ask her to not have intercourse in her marriage. yeah that is your 'dogma' which the Magisterium never proclaim.

indeed you will hear a lot more argument because of your cold hearted judgmental minded. dogma? which dogma you talking about. nobody is twisting a dogma. Dogma is necessary for salvation but being gay is not on one of the dogma it is rather a Canon Law. Dogma is unchangeable but Canon Law and Discipline does change for the good of the Church and its faithful.

by the way, u dont know that i like my douay-rheims bible. LOL!
Old Jan 24, '09, 12:59 am
caydamien02 caydamien02 is offline
New Member
Join Date: July 22, 2007
Posts: 22
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Originally Posted by Bruno Schulz View Post

And "they raise Children" is a terrible thing for these poor Children - asked by other children and later in life about their parents:
"My "parents" are two gay men" !
Their whole childhood must be a horror trip. And of course they will be brought up as gays too - how repulsive !

my parents are divorced Catholic. my childhood must be a horror trip. and yet what the hierarchy say? pray and trust in the Lord. LOL. of course i will be brought up to hit my wife too and eventualy divorce her. how repulsive! but what the Catholic say? trust in the Lord. for children who raised in a wonderful gay couple and eventualy grow up and get married and have kids the hierarchy say, poor children. LOL! judgmental. Catholic must've missed St.James writings on his epistles for his warnings against judging Christian brothers.
Old Jan 24, '09, 2:23 am
Lemonja Lemonja is offline
New Member
Join Date: October 22, 2008
Posts: 9
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Originally Posted by caydamien02 View Post
yeah? me too... i have a heterosexual friend, maybe he or she coz she got short hair and wear pants... before i thought she's a girl, but after i discover she's straight i wonder should i say "hey girl" or "hey *****"..? LOL... i dont get what you mean anyway..
Hi, my friend!
What I mean is very easy: we should use "the same language" in this forum. So, I am used to call "boy" someone who has penis and accepts to use it for a new life when "he" would be adult. A new life could not get from an other "boy" penetrated by a penis. Then, if someone who has penis think to use it for his own "pleasures" and wants to penetrate asses, so I am confused to call him "boy".
Old Jan 24, '09, 5:51 am
rinnie rinnie is offline
Forum Master
Prayer Warrior
Join Date: September 17, 2007
Posts: 13,130
Religion: Roman Catholic
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Originally Posted by StAnastasia View Post
There is an interesting film based on a book of the same title: Prayers for Bobby. It's about the emotional journey of a fundamentalist mother who rejected her gay son, and who after his death was led by her conscience to become an activist for gay rights.

"True story of Mary Griffith, gay rights crusader, whose teenage son committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. Based on the book of the same title by Leroy Aarons"

I saw that advertised I do want to see it. But before I watch it I want to say one thing. You can Love your child, and still not except the sin they are doing. Let me put it this way if you believe in your heart that this way of Life is a grave sin how can you look the other way and pretend its okay. That child is spiritually lost, and her or his soul in in grave danger with God. How could that not be important to you.

Even before I see the movie I will say one thing. There is no way the accepting or not accepting this life style will save a person who wants to take their own life. You cannot blame anyone for that.

God gives us all the right to choose the way we want to live our lives. I do feel for this child and this family. But no one can tell me if this child would have turned to God things would not have been different.

That is the difference between anyone who takes their own life, they feel there is no way out. If they could have trusted God more things could have been different for alot of people.

And what about the people they left behind to LIVE and feel guilt they may not even deserve. I am sure if they had to do it all over again they would not have chosen this way. But thats the problem with taking ones own life. Thats it, its over. And All we have is Gods Mercy for them.

But bottom line you cannot say to someone except my sin or I will kill myself. Because to me its like saying now you choose Me and my ways or GOD and his ways. And there is no choice. ITs GOD AND GODS WAYS I am sorry. And God says NO.

You cannot change God's rules. Sure you can quit Church, and even invent your own Church if you want. its done every day. But if you really want to be in GODS house you do it his way not yours. And yes it is hard. Its all hard. Living is hard. ITs supposed to be. Thats why this life is a test, to see if we choose God or we don't.
Old Jan 24, '09, 9:46 am
Julian Peters Julian Peters is offline
Join Date: May 18, 2004
Posts: 2,841
Default Re: What should a homosexual person do

Thank you to all who have participated. This thread is now closed.

O grant that in life's eventide,
Thy light may e'er with us abide...
Closed Thread

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