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Old Jul 29, '09, 3:07 pm
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Default Chile'

I make a batch of this once a week...keep it in the fridge..it goes on everything..so..gotta keep it on hand...

*FYI- this is Chile'...not fresh salsa...your not gonna have chunks of tomato or onion...if that was what you were thinking*


1 medium sized onion
1 regular sized can of whole peeled tomatoes
3 or 4 (depending on how hot you want it) serrano chili peppers
dash of salt

Drain can of tomatoes thouroughly (<-lmbo theres no spell check on here!) pour it into a blender..

Heat up your comal (I used to just use a frying pan before I had mine, just put a lil' oil it'll be ok) and put in the chili's (take off the stems) and the onion (I cut mine up into four peices)

cook em until all sides get toasted, or even a little burnt...dont go crazy and burn the heck out of em' though...

toss em' into the blender...add salt on top...just as much as you think is needed for how much stuff there is in there..maybe like a teaspoon...


pour into your tupperware or whatever your gonna put it into...

Me, personally, I always refrigerate it for like 10 minutes before putting it out...otherwise its hot, like, temperature wise...and i have this notion that flavors marry eachother when they are left to sit...dont ask me why...im sure growing up and learning to cook from my grandma I confused 'marry' and 'marinate' somehow lol...

but yah theres your chile' salsa....put on your tacos...flautas...eggs...burritos...what ever...

i like to put a chunk of cream cheese in a bowl, cover it with chile' and tear into it with some salty tortilla chips...ooh boy give me a can of soda and a good movie and its on!!
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Old Jul 30, '09, 5:47 pm
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Default Re: Chile'

This sounds so good. But my blender broke.

I guess this qualifies as Mexican-style food? I love Mexican food, and my DH doesn't, or thought he didn't... but now when I make just simple tacos or tortillas (which he had really never had before) he loves it. He doesn't like tons of spices but if anything seems like too many spices, I can usually tell when to just cut it back for what he'd like. So I'm definitely going to try some of these recipes!
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Old Jul 31, '09, 6:52 am
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Default Re: Chile'

what about shepards pie?? do you ever make that for him?? thats SO GOOD...and its, idk what do you call white food? lol..mexican food, chinese food...white food?? lol..that just sounds wierd...but..you know what i mean??
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