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Old Mar 2, '10, 1:37 am
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Default Light Weigh by Suzanne Fowler

Hi to all,

Is anyone familiar with the Light Weigh Catholic spiritual growth and weight loss program by Suzanne Fowler? I've been doing this since last year and have had good results. I did a search here in the Forum but nothing came up.
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Old Apr 21, '10, 8:44 am
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Default Re: Light Weigh by Suzanne Fowler

I'm looking into this. There is a group in the parish next to mine, but I don't know if they have an evening group. How do you like it?
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Old Apr 22, '10, 4:03 am
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Smile Re: Light Weigh by Suzanne Fowler

Hi Pippin,

Good to see your post.

Oh, I am very glad to have done the Light Weigh and have kept 26 lbs off in the last year. I only had one other friend do it with me as our pastor would not let us put info about it in our bulletin. So she and I did our own session.

I like it because it made me realize I was often eating around the clock and that's what has made me overweight all these years. 3 square meals a day and lots of snacks! I was not hungry when I was eating all the time and the Light Weigh helped me to identify real hunger and to also see how much I was eating before.

It's a bit hard to wait on hunger but the sacrificial element is there and we are joining our suffering's to Christ's. And I loved the fact that I could have anything I wanted on the Light Weigh program without eating diet foods, low-cal, low-fat, etc. The portion size had to fit in my mug. I am sort of an odd eater and sometimes would have sausage and melted cheese or chips and dip, anything I wanted but had to watch the portion size. Another gauge is your fist. That's the size you can eat. And if you're hungry and hear your stomach growling within 4 hours, you can eat again. I tell my friend's this is an "audible" diet, because I shouldn't eat unless my stomach growls!

I did both the video session twice and the manual journal twice but must admit I didn't write much in my journal. The spiritual readings helped me put bible reading back in my life a little more. We all should go to God's word more than we do.

I'm 55 years old and have been on every diet under the sun. The Light Weigh is a new way of looking at food for what it is...only fuel. Good tasting and God gave us taste buds to enjoy food. So I was glad to get away from all the old diet rules, including gulping 8 glasses of water a day..and, I never exercise. I really don't have the time and don't feel guilty about it. I haven't been 100% faithful to the diet, probably about 40%, I'd say. But it is a great program and has taught me a lot about a better way to diet, for me that is.

Good luck if you decide to do the program. If you'd care to e-mail me away from this site I am at [email protected]

God Bless You and stay strong!

Debbie Flair
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