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Old Oct 19, '10, 5:00 am
sinnerdexter sinnerdexter is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: January 2, 2010
Posts: 407
Religion: Catholic
Default Why is porn so addicting?

Seriosuly, i keep on watching it atleast 3 to 5 times a week. Actyually, this week changed because I had so many things to do and didn't have enough time to make time for porn. Does anybody know the psychology of porn?
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Old Oct 19, '10, 5:53 am
tskrobacz tskrobacz is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: March 15, 2010
Posts: 1,039
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

Because of the temporary euphoria or arousal. The pursuit of personal pleasure (porn, alchohol, sex, etc) is always an addictive behavior because the effects are temporary and so you must repeat the behavior to regain its affects. True joy comes in the pursuit of wisdom...Seek and ye shall find a joy and euphoria that truly nurtures your spirit and does not fade - See Prov 3:5.
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Old Oct 19, '10, 6:52 am
Barbkw Barbkw is offline
Join Date: August 18, 2010
Posts: 5,926
Religion: Cradle Catholic - Revert
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

Pavlov's dog theory of classical conditioning.

Each episode reinforces desire for the next episode to occur.

I broke the habit by treating each episode as a singular event and confessed it immediately.

In other words, don't store up 5 mortal sin events and then go and confess them. You're not breaking the cycle. When an event happens, get to a priest and confess that action.

During this process of breaking the cycle, attend daily Mass and receive the Eucharist.

Make it a goal each day, to receive union with Christ in the Eucharist, with your clean mind, heart and soul.

Last edited by Barbkw; Oct 19, '10 at 7:07 am.
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Old Oct 19, '10, 6:55 am
Julian0404's Avatar
Julian0404 Julian0404 is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: November 7, 2009
Posts: 1,595
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

You could probably research this through Google or another online source, but I read an article in a science magazine 2-3 years past, that relayed an experiment with brain scanning/thermo imaging when subjects were viewing porn. The image of the brain while viewing porn was comparable to the image of the brain after a subject had consumed cocaine. The conclusion drawn is that while viewing porn the brain releases the same amount of endorphines ( unsure of spelling or even if that is correct term from recall ) as is released by the chemical reaction with cocaine, and therefore, porn is an addicting process because as the body experiences the induction of the endorphines, it physically "demands" another dose, and after each does, it wants more, and more - thus addiction.

It is very difficult to voluntarily separate oneself from any addiction, hence all the 12 step programs. Suggest you inquire through the parish for any such programs.
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Old Oct 19, '10, 7:07 am
Scoobyshme's Avatar
Scoobyshme Scoobyshme is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: June 11, 2004
Posts: 2,690
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

As far as our brains go, it's the same as alcohol, drugs, etc. All these affect the "pleasure center" of the brain which produces a substance that gives us feelings of pleasure. The more often we utilize this feature, the more stimulation it takes the next time to achieve the same level of pleasure. That's why drugs are so addicting, requiring more and more of the substance each time until one OD's, unless something stops them.

Here's a couple of good talks on this problem:



They're a couple of audio files (.MP3's) which you can download and listen to on your PC, MP3 player, iPod/iPad, or burn to a CD and play in your CD player, if you have one.

Also, keep going to Confession each and every time, as soon as possible, every time you fall. And, pray the Rosary! The Rosary is THE weapon, according to St. Padre Pio. It is the "preferred small arm" of our Lady's army!

God bless!

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Old Oct 19, '10, 7:17 am
Yeoman Yeoman is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: May 15, 2010
Posts: 1,062
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

There was a good discussion of this on the Catholic Answers radio show recently. For those who didn't catch it, Catholic Answers can be downloaded as a podcast. I really enjoy it.

Anyhow, the speaker on that episode is a psychology professor somewhere (sorry, I don't remember where, but if you listen to the show it had links to a site of his). He indicated that, essentially what occurs is that "the act" releases stress in males, and in the case of pornography, once you start resorting to it, it maps a pathway in your brain which leads to it. The stress starts to build up, your brain goes down this pathway which has become sort of a highway due to repeated viewing, etc. Anyhow, he stated it can be tackled.

Anyhow, you ought to check out the Catholic Answers forum on that topic. It is fairly recent and you can download the podcasts. If you don't have an Ipod, you can listen to it on your computer (which is likely where you are viewing the porn) so that'd be a good place to help start you towards correcting this problem.
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Old Oct 19, '10, 7:20 am
ManOnFire ManOnFire is offline
Regular Member
Join Date: January 16, 2010
Posts: 2,339
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

Anything that pleasures the brain can become addicting. People really aren't that complicated: we seek pleasure and seek to avoid pain. It's really that simple. If pain or zero pleasure is associated with a stimulus instead of pleasure, the brain will seek to avoid that stimulus. There's no reward. If people eat only bland, healthy food, the pleasure reward is gone, the desire to eat is gone, and weight is lost.
Before making up your mind, consider the true motivations of the source.
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Old Oct 19, '10, 8:04 am
Joe 5859's Avatar
Joe 5859 Joe 5859 is offline
Forum Elder
Join Date: February 1, 2007
Posts: 20,206
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

I jusdt came across this article today that might help:

Catholic websites help those struggling with pornography
Joe (Average Joe Catholic)

The Catechesis of the Popes
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Old Oct 19, '10, 7:10 pm
gallo gallo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: October 9, 2006
Posts: 393
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: Why is porn so addicting?

Originally Posted by sinnerdexter View Post
Seriosuly, i keep on watching it atleast 3 to 5 times a week. Actyually, this week changed because I had so many things to do and didn't have enough time to make time for porn. Does anybody know the psychology of porn?
Is this an intentional viewing or a relapse? If this is intentional, then it will never end.
If it is unintentional, placing one's self in the situation where falling to this is a very high risk will only further the occasion for sin. Spending too much time on the internet or watching movies with sexual content are examples.
Also, if masturbation is associated with pornography there is the physical reinforcement that will cause the mind to want to continue.

If I may add to what the others have posted, there is also an issue that I believe adds to the addiction that may more of a sub-conscious factor. All of the "models" or "actors" in pornography almost always have a "welcoming" demeanor. They say verbally and non-verbally that the viewer is "wanted" and "accepted". If they had scowls on their faces, or nagging, or were doing something else that communicated a rejection, would it be as addicting?
Everyone wants to be embraced and accepted by another. For men in general, this is primarily in the physical sense. In my opinion, this is also a factor to the addiction.

With that said, it is only a resemblance. Those in the pictures and movies do not feel for the viewer as they portray. It is only an illusion and a game.

If you want to overcome it, you must suffer! Remove yourself from the situations that provide the opportunity to indulge and resist the temptations with prayer even if it feels as though it is going to tear you apart. Find someone to be accountable to who will not play things down and be honest with them. A priest is a great person to do this with, but it can be someone else. Spend time in study of Scripture and Church teaching and make yourself available do charity such as work at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. That longing for the "satisfaction" that comes from pornography must be filled with something else. Finally, confess OFTEN. As Barbkw stated, don't save the sins for a one time confession.
Another tidbit to put things in perspective is the definition of "pornography". It comes from the Greek "pornos", which means sexual immorality. So the viewing of pornography is studying, or learning, sexual immorality!
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