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Closed Thread
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Old Dec 28, '09, 2:53 am
msncool msncool is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

zac poonen was an officer in the Indian navy.he resigned his commission, while still young, in 1966, to serve the lord full time.he has been involved in a church planting ministry in India for over 25 years and has spiritual oversight over about 40 churches now. he was a great guy.
Old Dec 28, '09, 6:03 am
aloejamb aloejamb is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

I started this thread in 2005. This was a time where I had many questions about my faith and was being tested on my knowledge of catholicism. This thread has now been resurrected after all these years.

I want to mention too that BIL has come a long way since 2005 as far as his anti-catholic rhetoric. It was a trying time in our family. Because of BIL, I learned what my faith taught. BIL asked me to question everything and I did. The result is that I understood for the first time what Truth is. I was looking for something to be wrong in my catholic faith. Quite the opposite happened. I now know the riches of my Catholic faith. My BIL is one of the biggest blessings in my life. If it weren't for him, I do not know where I would be on this journey we all life. Many graces came from that crazy time in my life. I will not have them belittled here.
I do not know ZP or his teachings. But I do know that BIL is fond of him.
I came here to my christian brethren to tap into their knowledge because mine, at the time, was so insufficient. This thread was never intended as a means to speak ill of anyone. It was simply a means to understand. While I believe in healthy debate, this thread has become something I never intended for it to become. I would kindly ask for you to start your own thread if you want to continue to discuss ZP.

I love my BIL dearly despite our differences. I have found that this thread would not promote family peace. I ask the moderators to please close this thread out of respect for my BIL.

May the peace of Christ be with you all,

Old Dec 28, '09, 9:24 am
Remus Remus is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

I believe Zarqun was trying to tell us something important, but we who are so obsessed by personalities (especially cult leaders) and have a propensity to idol/hero-worship, we cannot bear any negative comments against our 'idols' or 'heroes'. Man is human and prone to err; and secretive men are more prone to error, heresy and dangerous doctrines than those who have a more public presence.

I am sorry that some people here have 'shut out' Zarqun. It is clear that he had a very bad experience with ZP. I too have had an awful experience in a cult; I was trapped in a cult. To be delivered from a cult and dominating cult-personalities is a great, great deliverance indeed.

I believe Zarqun had something very important to say. I ask: Why does ZP have such a great presence on the Internet, rather than in real life? Even in Bangalore, he is no big deal.
Old Dec 28, '09, 9:34 pm
ilovetruth ilovetruth is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Zac Poonen is a Jacobite, a Malayalee Syrian Christian, by birth. In an interview with the Pentecostal magazine in Malayalam "Halleluia" (July 1, 1997) he said: "Between 13 years of age and 19, I prayed at least a 100 times to be saved. I had assurance of salvation at age 19. At age 24, I received the call to the Lord's work. "When I was 26-1/2 years old, I left the Indian Navy (1966) to do the Lord's work." "
In terms of history, Zac could never be happy to be in any denomination or church EXCEPT ONE WHICH HE HIMSELF FOUNDED and that is what he did finally.
He said in the "Halleluia" interview, "22 years ago, four families got together in Bangalore (1974-75) for fellowship and to study the Word of God. Now it is 50 families and an assembly of 200. There are 30 such assemblies in places like Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Alappuzha. Wynad, Thrissur and (parts of) Tamilnadu ... around 3000 disciples in all."
This happened after he went away from his Syrian Christian church. Then he fought with the Bakht Singh group and left, then he fought with the Brethren and left, then he fought with the Baptists and left, then he joined the Norwegian cult Smith's Friends and fought with them and left. So finally, he became the supreme Pope and Pontiff of a closed, fundamentalist group called the Christian Fellowship Church with headquarters in Bangalore.
While he was a big preacher in Evangelical circles, he came to be associated with the Smith's Friends - a heretical closed fundamentalist group based in Norway and working secretively - and imbibed their false doctrine that Jesus was only a man who became God, that Jesus had a 'sinful nature" and that Jesus had to "overcome sin inside his flesh" to become God. His teachings were put down in a now unavailable book called "Radiating His Glory" which he pulled out of circulation when he was accused of 'heresy'. His fundamental teachings were taken from the Smith's Friends and he believes that Jesus was only a man who became God. People say he no longer preaches this secret teaching openly. Having fought with Smith's Friends and moving off from their core doctrines, he again has won back numerous followers with a more sober kind of preaching.
Poonen formed a house-church which had its first meeting on August 15, 1975. This group has since developed into what is today his headquarters - the Christian Fellowship Church, earlier known as the Christian Fellowship Centre, Bangalore. Between 1975 and the late 80s he was deeply involved with the Smith's Friends till he fought with them and broke away. More recently, he has again reconciled with the Smith's Friends in Norway by visiting them at their headquarters in Brunstad. Smith's Friends had launched criminal and civil proceedings against Zac Poonen when he fought with them. However, Smith's Friends lost the case and had to come to some sort of reconciliatory settlement with Zac in mid-2009.
What happened in the 1970s which brought Zac Poonen into disrepute? In 1971, Zac Poonen travelled to Norway to meet a secretive group called the Smith’s Friends. Two of his brothers-in-law were involved with the same group. He returned to India with "much literature and the tone and central message of his preaching changed". Zac Poonen's doctrine, akin to the Smiths Friends, has been reiterated in the books he wrote from 1974-75 onward -"New Wine in New Wineskins' "Radiating His Glory", "A Good Foundation", "Secrets of Victory" and "Gaining God's Approval".
The attack on him intensified in 1977 when his controversial book "Radiating His Glory" was published. It was dedicated as follows: "TO SIGURD BRATLIE. A true father in Christ and a faithful servant of God who has radiated the glory of Christ more than any other man I have known". A refutation of the book's contents titled "The Person of Christ" was authored by David B. Long, a Brethren theologian and leader, and published by GLS in 1978. He was thus further isolated by the Evangelicals and Pentecostals.
Zac Poonen's "core" doctrine in his interview to "Halleluia" says: "Jesus was tempted in all things. Yet he did not sin (Heb.4:15), Jesus did not sin not because he was God. The incarnate Jesus battled against sin. Won. Did not commit sin. Only if it was like that is it possible for him to be an example for us. Jesus did not overcome sin as God. He used only those weapons which are available to us. God's Word. Dependence on the Holy Spirit. If he was tempted like us, he could only battle like us. That is what the Lord did."
In the 1995 edition of his book "The New Covenant Servant" he wrote: "The primary mark of all deceiving spirits is they "do not acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh" (II John 7). They will not acknowledge that Jesus overcame all sin in a flesh like ours ... In fact, any doctrine that leads people away from "Christ manifest in the flesh as the secret of godliness" -is a doctrine of a demon."
What this means is that ALL churches other than his own church are propagating the "doctrine of a demon". This is the same doctrine as that taught by Smith's Friends. Both Zac and Smith's Friends consider all other churches as "Harlot" and especially the Roman Catholic Church.
Hope this helps those who are looking into the life and history and preaching and doctrine of Zac Poonen.
Old Dec 28, '09, 9:48 pm
old70s old70s is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????


You are absolutely right on almost every count. But I think a large part of the blame must be placed on the hypocrisy of CFC church elders.

That is Zac Poonen's mini biography. If any Poonen fan knew him well, they would have posted this link here.

Zac was no war hero and served the Indian Navy briefly. If Naval criteria is applied, he copped out very early. Being first in naval cadet class is no automatic guarantee of becoming chief of naval staff of the Indian navy. He claims a miracle when a certain death awaited him off the waters of Pakistan but the war had already ended. Is that a miracle? So many unbelievers who serve alongside him can claim that same miracle. Did God spare Zac or did he spare Indian and Pakistani troops and civillians the same way He spared the Ninevites?

This man's sense of holiness, self-importance and perfection is nauseating.

FYI everyone, I have met Zac briefly and had attended the CFC. I was more acquainted with Jacob Ninan and Susan Ninan. Jacob worked for the ISRO. I also met that bicycle-riding man who claimed that CFC was one of the two true churches that he knew off. Zarqun, you are right about that bell-bottomed creep.

My CFC observations.

* It was called Christian Fellowship Centre at one time. Zac once recounted a joke to a relative once. "A man came to him saying, Bro Zac, I have to go to church on Sunday morning."

Zac replied: "Man, you better hurry up, then." (laughter).

I didn't get the joke. My relative corrected me. "You have to say "fellowship" on Sunday, not church. The word church is wrong."

Duh! I wonder why they changed it to "church" now. I still don't get the joke.

Now for Susan and Jacob Ninan.

* No TV in the house. TV was bad for kids, adults everyone. watching cartoons anywhere else was out. They were grooming their children to perfection. Other kids must not taint them with their blemishes. Well, check out the blogger profile of one of the Ninan kids. Only those who believe in another Jesus would watch violent movies with pornographic content.

Pramod Simon Ninan's, now an adult, endorses

# Dangerous Liaisons
# Pulp Fiction
# Kill Bill (Tarantino Rocks!)

There is F-word punctuated into every sentence. In Pulp Fiction, you get to hear "Jesus Fxxxxx Christ again and again.

I must ask Zac Poonen,Jacob Ninan and Susan Ninan whether Pulp Fiction is acceptable family viewing? Should it be endorsed by CFC India? No offence to Tarantino fans, but this is one family that gets spooked by history books. Everything was viewed with paranoia and Susan had plenty of that. No wonder Jacob become a "christian psychologist", whatever that means.

This couple were the self-appointed cornerstones of Christian Fellowship Centre who, in their own humble ways, regularly scoffed at other churches.

They were preaching perfection and purity to others but there must be a different Jesus for different times. Even comic books were not allowed into the house. Is it ok to endorse dialogues like Jesus fxxxxxx Christ to the entire world?

You can be censured by Susan Ninan for reflexively uttering "oh damn" when you stub your toes but Jesus Fxxxxxx Christ is soothing for one's soul, I guess. "Tarantino rocks!" This is religious hypocrisy at its finest.

* But why judge a book by its cover when Susan Ninan can accurately judge a woman by her jeans? (Jacob Ninan was the seniormost elder there after Ian Robson).

* Jewellery was out. God forbids it (at least according to the Ninans).

* Susan Ninan launched a famous whispering campaign against Annie Poonen. Annie is her own sister. The story has it that Zac was not treating her well. Truth be told, everyone liked Annie.

Plenty more. Jacob Ninan now is a christian counsellor. He combines psychology with Christian precepts. There is a twist in the tale here. Susan Ninan has a degree in psychology but condemned it as ungoldly. Is Susan Ninan's daughter studying psychology now? Christian counselling is great business and a great teaser for a wealthy groom.

I believe zarqun, much of the fanaticism and hypocrisy you encountered at CFC was the work of pharisees there. They laid a heavy yoke on others and now they do not carry it themselves. They condemned others through their religious manmade fiction but casually move their own yardsticks anywhere they like when it suits them.

Zarqun, leave this behind. A bad tree will always produce bad fruits. Both Zac and Jacob Ninan may teach the world on godliness but there is only one Teacher and that is Jesus Christ. Let them get their praises from man.

Just look into the mirror and see that God made you fearfully and wonderfully. Even your warts had a purpose to mould and refine you.
Old Dec 28, '09, 9:52 pm
old70s old70s is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

I am sorry if my input above was in bits and pieces. Those who knew and left the CFC of old will understand.
Old Dec 29, '09, 12:26 am
old70s old70s is offline
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Join Date: December 28, 2009
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Religion: Non-Denominational
Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Dear aloejamb

I wanted to post what I did and be done with it. I know how the Poonen mob besieges any dissenter.

I am sorry this thread may potentially cause friction between you and your BIL. Many families have faced similar strife because of Zac Poonen and the CFC. It is belief in Jesus alone that causes division between families, not belief in the teachings of one man.

You see, CFC crazies such as Zac Poonen, Susan and Jacob Ninan and their hypocrisy had caused a tremendous rift between me and a relative for decades. There was a lot of strife in the family. I remember the exact year when my family situation took a turn for the worse. It was the year when my relative got firmly enmeshed with this legalistic group. I won't describe some of the satanic attacks we endured in our spiritual life. Life was hell. Our prayers had no effect. We were spiralling into an abyss that only Jesus Christ brought us out. Now, we know a simple prayer has a powerful effect. Back then for some reason, every prayer of ours was met with tears and despair.

I finally stopped believing in Jesus Christ for many years until a chance encounter brought me back to the fold. Even then, it was not easy.

Now, I know why God did not answer our prayers for many years. God didn't want us to be filled with the spiritual pride that our "Jesus" was the true one while others believed in a fake Jesus. That's the Christian Fellowship Centre (Church) gospel.

But when you are in a cult, God has his way of letting you adrift until you acknowledge deep down that there is only one mediator between man and God. His son Jesus Christ. If you need scriptural understanding, God will provide it.

When I was at CFC, I cut off ties to Christians who were really sacrificing their lives for the Lord. I regret that. We were told that their belief was erroneous. They were Baptists, Brethren, Mar Thoma, Pentecostal. I remember Susan Ninan's disparaging words clearly. There was pressure never to question the Poonens or the Ninans. There was a lot of enmity within the body of Christ over NOTHING. The cultic grip of CFC is such that it does affect families and relationships. I don't think your BIL should be offended by things alleged here in this forum. Jesus is His Lord, not Zac Poonen.

But I am not surprised that reconciliation between you and your BIL may depend on this thread's future. When someone believes in Poonen, Poonen it is.

I still think it is important for the world to know how damaging CFC was to my family. I stumbled upon this thread by accident and if it is discontinued, I will transfer its contents to another site. Lock, stock and barrel. If God brought me back from the brink, it is perhaps to expose the hypocrisy of the end times.

I think many Christians (catholic, protestant and others) alike should not go through what we endured. I am sorry again that the question of Zac Poonen caused strife between you and your BIL.

In Christ
Old 70s
Old Dec 29, '09, 9:54 am
Remus Remus is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

I am grateful to the two members who have added their input to what Zarqun had written about Zac Poonen and his cult. I am sorry, however, that insensitive remarks made by a certain member has resulted in Zarqun quitting this site/thread. We must always allow the truth to be spoken, however painful it may be.

I am shocked at the revelations made by the two members, Ilovetruth and Old70s. I always suspected something terribly cultish (bondage) about ZP.

But where is Zarqun????

And my heart is pained at the blindness of this poor BIL of Aloe, who still continues to worship what I feel strongly is a sinister cult-leader. Aloe, don't give up, brother. Keep praying for your BIL & SIL. I am deeply concerned about their hero-/idol-worship.
Old Dec 29, '09, 7:03 pm
old70s old70s is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Hi Remus,

The problem with those like Zarqun is that they will be hounded out by the Poonen mob. Notice the number of posts by Poonen's followers. They come in, praise him, argue with a testimony, and bail out. They do this all over the internet. Even those who praise him have problems maintaining a blog or website. I wonder if these were created just to promote Zac Poonen.

I was advised that maybe, all the negative perception of Zac Poonen were the work of malicious people who felt that they worshipped the only true Jesus. (Maybe, these people never knew the Lord, or what God's love is, but excelled in theology). I experienced this at the hands of Jacob and Susan Ninan. The amount of negativity spat out against other Bangalore churches was shocking. The irony is, these churches continued to grow and are drawing in converts by ten-folds. It is mindboggling to witness church growth in Bangalore. They come together in unity. CFC's past maligning of these churches only backfired. God Blessed them instead as they neither knew nor cared about theological nonsense. They just served the Lord.

Zac Poonen is slowly being relegated to being a non-entity in Bangalore. The Ninans are pouring old wine into new wineskins elsewhere with "inspired" writings and teachings. If you read Jacob Ninan's commentaries in the Light of Life publication (a theological rag), he is rehashing the old Poonenism (nice term, Zarqun).

Both of them will be reaching out to these churches, the very ones that didn't cut the grade over "perfection" before. Notice CFC's new tagline. The age-old "Onwards we march on to perfection" is missing.

A change of heart? Beware!

Through the years, I have met many who were getting their daily bread from Zac Poonen and Jacob Ninan. I just didnt see victorious living, unshackled lives and Christian love as I observed them over the years. Instead, I saw harsh legalism and a tendency for mockery. I suspect all scriptures had to be reinterpreted by the Poonens and Ninans before they are kosher.

This dependency on the Poonens and Ninans for the correct perspective was shocking. Between the two, I would rather give Zac Poonen the benefit of doubt. Jacob Ninan and his wife Susan where the most divisive creatures I had ever met on this planet. The judgemental mindset of these two were so reflexive that you stand a better chance of being well-received if you spent time in a Mormon camp. Could be why the repressed energies of one of their sons reads like the delusional brief below

The artist formerly known as Simon... An 18th century English baron in 21st century India, who is under the delusion that he is the reincarnation of King Solomon.
Of course, there is Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and the other four-lettered delights of entertainment that never would have crossed the minds of Susan and Jacob Ninan as they were too holy and sheltered to see a world where sin goes beyond "drinking and smoking." What about movies with expletives like "jesus Fxxxxx christ?" that their son endorses? Back then, those who watched A Bridge too Far would have been condemned.

Christians who celebrated Christmas were condemned as those who celebrated a pagan festival. It doesn't matter if that arbitrary day was dedicated to Lord. Paul warned us not to judge believers who kept a day special or holy. It is their prerogative.

I pity the church that hosts Susan and Jacob Ninan now. Maybe, they can start their own CFC and call it Christian Fellowship Centre (church was not right then, why should it be now?)
Old Dec 30, '09, 4:15 am
ilovetruth ilovetruth is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

OLD70s is bang on target.
Actually Jacob Ninan was cast out of the eldership of the CFC when Zac no longer liked him or his ministry. He had to go sit in the back bench for a long time. Meanwhile, the story goes that his wife had already been "offended" and had left the CFC. She decided to go to the Brethren. It was many years later that they began going to church together and Ninan became a Christian 'counselor'.
The children must have been badly affected by all this strife in the family and the so called "body of christ that meets at 16 dacosta layout". They were taught to hate other Christians from childhood and to hate people living happy, ordinary lives in the "world".
So let us not be too harsh on this young man who watches Tarrantino and enjoys it. He is only coming out of the regressive, legalistic, repressive and oppressive system that thrives in the CFC. That regime will disappear hopefully when the "apostle and prophet" leaves the planet. It is a one-man show and when the man goes, the show will be over unless one of the sons of the prophet (all his sons are extremely rich and wealthy people living in the USA) takes over the management of the "fellowship" or "church" or whatever this sect/cult is called.
Zac's fellowship is now following the same tack as the Smiths Friends - give it a more liberal and free cloaking but deep within the old heretical doctrines and lust for power and "gospel business" and control of congregations and individuals and families lives. Even today, there are stories of "bad" people being singled out for ostracism in this group. Every leader in CFC who has questioned Zac has ended up being sidelined, ostracised and thrown out. One should just inquire around Bangalore and Kerala and other places where Zac Churches exist and the "secrets" of this sect and what happens to those who oppose him or question them will be known. Just meet the many many people who have suffered in this sect and have either been cast out or left before they were damaged terribly or left after they were damaged terribly and they can tell you many truths.


1. Zac was for a very long time an active Smith's Friend and the key leader and "apostle" in India. Only when he turned against Sigurd Bratlie (whom Smith's Friends considered as the real "apostle" for India) and other leaders of the SF and they began to look down on Zac, did the SF decide to destroy him using legal suits. That attempt failed with Indian courts upholding Zac's story.
2. Here is the dedication Zac made to Sigurd Bratlie in his book titled "Radiating His Glory" in which he acknowledges publicly his agreement with the SF doctrines.
A true father in Christ
and a faithful servant of God,
who has radiated the glory of Christ more than any other man I have known.

3. Excerpt from Page 6 of an original copy of the book which is hard to find now:
If Christ did not come in our flesh, He couid not be our Example. Neither could He command us, 'Follow Me' for we obviously could not follow One Who did not have our fleshy limitations, even as an angel could not teach us to swim, not himself experiencing the pull of gravity. Then Paul's exhortation in 1 Corinthians I I : I, to follow him as he followed Christ would also become meaningless, for Paul could not possibly have walked as Jesus walked. Then the life of Christ becomes a life that we can only admire, but never follow.
4. Excerpt from Page 19 of the same book:
Jesus endured every temptation that can ever come to any man, and He faced temptation as we have to face it. He was tempted IN EVERY POINT, AS WE ARE. This is the plain and unmistakable teaching of Hebrews 4: 15. And this is our encouragement. Jesus exercised no power that is not offered us by God today. He met and overcame temptation, as a man, in the strength given Him by His Father through the Holy Spirit...And if Jesus lived that perfect life, without the weakness of our flesh or with power unavailable to us, then His life is no example to us and no encouragement to us ...
5. Excerpt from Page 20 of the book:
In all those situations (of temptations), He denied Himself and mortified the desires of the flesh that tempted Him to sin. Thus He consistently "suffered in the flesh".
6. Excerpt from Page 27:
We have seen that Jesus was tempted in all points as we are. Some of our strongest temptations are those which come to attack our thought-life. So too it must have been with Jesus.
7. Excerpt from Page 95, at the very end of the book:
(For a fuller study of Babylon and Jerusalem, i would encourage everyone to read Sigurd Bratlie's book, The Bride and the Harlot-- available from the publishers of this book).
Old Dec 30, '09, 4:17 am
ilovetruth ilovetruth is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Sigurd Bratlie's book is considered infallible and taught and studied by everyone, especially the leadership, in the Smith's Friends as infallible and equivalent to the Bible.
This was and remains Zac Poonen's "secret" doctrine for he has never repented publicly of this doctrine nor repudiated it publicly. His blind followers also do not care to understand Scripture properly or the orthodox position of the Catholic and Eastern and ancient Churches or forefathers and believe that Zac is the avatar of Christ and the only reliable teacher, apostle, prophet they can believe in.
I would just say that it is important for the Catholic Church and all mainstream churches to be aware of the work of Zac Poonen and Smiths Friends and be alert as both groups enter other Christian churches to "steal" their sheep and integrate them with these sects/cults (depends on how you look at it).
What these groups teach is an ancient heresy which the Holy Church rooted out a long time ago and continues to fight - it was the heresy of Edward Irving and many other such so-called "inspired prophets" whom the Church finally exposed and delivered to the power of Satan. The central aspect of the teachings of these groups is that Jesus Christ was only a man. They deny the deity of the Lord while he was on earth. This is heresy and a doctrine of devils and puts these groups in the same basket as that of the Jehovah's Witness, some SDA groups, Mormons, etc, all of whom masquerade as "christians" and try to get Christians to join their groups.
Old Dec 31, '09, 10:35 am
Remus Remus is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Hi, Ilovetruth and Old70s!

Just wanting to know about the book, Radiating His Glory, that was authored by Zac Poonen. Not able to get it on the Internet. In that book I note that ZP was praising Sigurd Braitlie, a cult leader from Norway.

What troubles me is that BILs & SILs make him a kind of god; they call him an apostle; & they blindly follow him. Now, I find that ZP is being touted as a wonderful preacher & teacher by a group of blind cult-obsessed Americans who have formed a site called SermonIndex. The arch Moderator of this group blindly worships ZP, and he has a bunch of cronies around him that take serious offence at the slightest criticism of ZP.

My concern is that ZP is using the Internet is a way that is bound to trap more immature hero-worshipping minds into cult-worship. The way SermonIndex is going about it, they have elevated ZP to the level of DLMoody, CH Spurgeon, and very soon he might be the St Augustine of SermonIndex; and his acolyte-worshippers are going to spread far & wide in America (which is already the happy hunting group of various cults).

Why can't people read the Bible and worship God and their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ? Why elevate ZP to the level of a Cardinal or demi-Pope?
Old Dec 31, '09, 2:45 pm
thomas1974 thomas1974 is offline
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Default Who is Zac Poonen

The amount of hatred between fellow christians is truly sickening to watch.

Whatever happened to Love your neighbour as yourself, turning the other cheek,giving your coat as well if somebody wrongfully took your tunic, loving you enemies, doing good to them that hurt you, praying for those who persecute you??

Oh by the way.... these are not Zac poonen teachings.... they are things Jesus Christ said.

There is no need to demonize people like zac,ninans,etc...

People are very very precious to God!!!

If you have any doubts about that just look at the cross and what Christ did there for we as christians have no business hating other people..
Old Jan 1, '10, 1:09 am
peary peary is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

Originally Posted by aloejamb View Post
There is a church in Ohio that my brother in law belongs to. In this church, he claims that the community of brothers walk in the spirit and not in the flesh, therefore they do not hardly ever sin... (BTW this is not listed on the website but according to BIL, this is their belief) They do not call themselves Protestants, or Fundamentalist...only Bible christians who have found the path few will find. The church's website is this but looks like it is under some construction. There is an offshoot of this church in the Michigan area that my BIL will attend and their website is . Read the link about "what a christian is..."
Zac Poonen is someone who my BIL and his wife constantly refer to (and I believe my BIL called him "apostle-like".) . Is anyone familiar with this man's teachings? Info and thoughts please?!
Sounds like Jim Jones I don't know anything about Zac Poonen, but, from what I've read on the sites, the church is just alot of 'Poo'.
Old Jan 1, '10, 4:23 am
ilovetruth ilovetruth is offline
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Default Re: Who is Zac Poonen????

You seem to be onto something. I was checking the site you mentioned and yes, there is a hullaballoo about Zac out there simply because someone wanted to know his history and his doctrine.
It seems they all worship Zac Poonen as you mentioned. And anything that questions his dubious doctrines and sectarian approach gets short shrift.
It is a pity. The people on that site seem to believe in extreme holiness but if you read their language and the way they respond to those who ask questions about Zac, one wonders whether they have any "grace" at all.
The point is that in the end we must leave all judgement to God of Zac Poonen, those whom he learned his doctrines from which is the Smiths Friends, his acolytes and disciples.
There the judgement will be perfect. He we can only be alert enough not to follow after any man but to follow hard after Jesus,
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