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Old Jul 16, '11, 7:36 pm
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Default What are the signs of a diabolical issue?

Hey everyone. What are the signs that something diabolical is going on with someone? I don't necessarily mean just for possession either but even something like diabolical oppression or obsession. What are the signs of such a thing?
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Old Jul 16, '11, 7:43 pm
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Default Re: What are the signs of a diabolical issue?

I would take a look at this video series. Archbishop Sheen does a great job talking about the diabolic and demonic. I hope it helps!

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Old Aug 6, '11, 7:11 am
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Default Re: What are the signs of a diabolical issue?

Hello Holly
Jesus defined satan as the Father of lies. As such a delusion can be defined as a subtle lie that may even be mixed with some truth, making it more seductive. Various mental illnesses revolve around delusions or Words the the person my feel is not coming from them self. These words or thoughts could be from the sub conscious a unclen spirit or a demon. Note that the word most often used in the "king James version of thye Bible is "unclean spirit" not demon, which was only used about 3 or 4 times?, as I recall. And Obessions and oppressions are much more common and can easily be defined as stricklly a mental illness. They did not have these fancy words, like schizophrenia, bippolar, schizoid- effective and what not when Jesus walked the earth. I feel that many of these illnesses fall under the Oppression/obession unbrella of evil. Not neceassarilly from a demon, but maybe influenced by one in the area. The battleground is still the imagination and mind. delusions can be very seductive and there is often a set of very linear logic that leads a person to be tricked into believing a delusion or unclean spirit as speaking Truth.
Basically any thoughts that lead to cunfusion or anxiety should be put in the garbarge pile or the foot of the cross, where the Holy Spirit will deal with what we can not truly define with any proof, except in our hearts. Discernment between good and evil or what is diabolical is a very long topic.
I heard my mother scream from over 15 miles away, when I was 18. This was later confirmed that she was being attacked at that time. I am 56 now and have experienced some wierd episodes, but the GRACE has held me up. Some of the pits of delusions/spirits that I stepped into where the result of my own vain curiosity. Long story. I hope I did not ramble too much here.
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Old Sep 1, '11, 12:16 am
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Default Re: What are the signs of a diabolical issue?


Obsession: Personal injury(bites, scratches, beatings), visions of evil spirits, and a level of pure terror that is unmistakable. They get stressed out to the point where they need professional counseling. At times the demon can speak through them. There is a reaction to prayer. That reaction is pain in various places and lots of tension.

Possession: Is very much like severe cases of obsession. But it at times there is complete control of the body.

This is all a terrible thing. People suffer and it really takes an experienced priest, an exorcist to deal with these conditions. Obsession is treated by deliverance prayers. Possession is treated by exorcism.

It gets to be very confusing to diagnosis. Also, it is very hard to hear people crying and screaming scared out of their wits.

This takes a lot of Love, Patience, and Kindness to deal with. We have to remember that it is Jesus Christ who is the Savior. There is an urge to want to tie a rope around your waist and jump in to save them, so to speak, and that is a mistake. You can't save anyone only Jesus Christ can save. You have to enthrone Jesus Christ as Lord over these circumstances.

Prayer remember is the weapon we use. This really takes instruction from an exorcist. As a lay person you need this exorcist priest to pray with you and guide you. Otherwise it becomes a magma that one can easily be bogged down and loose sight of the abundant joy that Christ promises.

It is really hard to make general statements because the very nature of this subject.
"Sacrifice for sinners and repeat many times, especially when you make a sacrifice: O my Jesus, this is out of love for you, for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary!"


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