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Old Oct 22, '05, 11:51 am
MaryRose35 MaryRose35 is offline
Join Date: April 22, 2005
Posts: 50
Religion: Catholic
Default "Faith is Greater than Obedience"

I am reading a book title Faith is Greater than Obedience. The book contains private revelations of our Lord to Fr. Albert Drexel, (1889 - 1977). Many of these revelations deal with the state of the Church in our times. I found these interesting and thought I would post them to get other people's opinion.

"Never since I visibly walked amoth men have the troubles of My one true Church been so great is this present time - and the distress is still growing. Nevertheless, do not despair... even if the flock of which I, as Divine and Good Shepherd spoke, becomes very small. The Church I have founded on Peter and which I compared to the rick, shall neither be destroyed from the outside nor from within. ... continue to work for the Church, for the faith, and for souls."

"Do not be worried and discouraged by the time of apostacy, even if it is threatning a whole country. ... Again I tell you: the time of Antichrist has begun. The Antichrist is not Satan, nor a single person. The Antichrist is the Church of the world, the society that has detached itself from God and My Gospel, - it is the antichurch of those who have given themselves to the world and who do not want to know about the cross and grace. ... Their idol is not Satan, in whom they do not believe, but man, who has made himself into a god. Antichrist is the world detached from God.

"I had spoken before about the Antichrist; hear what I tell you now. Numerous people shall turn away from My one and true Church, because they have lost faith in the truine God and have been misled and blinded by wicked priests and teachers. These proud and disloyal ones speak about a religion without the supernatural, without mystery and prayer. They speak only about man and no longer about God. They turn upside down and give superiority to love of neighbor, but forget, lose and deny love toward God... They try to found a new church in which the world and man mean everything - and God and Heaven nothing.

"This human church is in contradiction to the Church I founded, and which began with My apostles... That human church, which is not a religion and that cannot be called a religion at all, is the Antichrist. In this church sin and sensuality reign. In this church Heaven and hell are denied... In this church divine order is subverted and has opened the door to chaos. In this Church God is replaced by the idol 'man'. In this church the pictures of saints are banned and destroyed..."

"These confusers and seducers speak and write much about a 'new church', of a church that is no longer a religion, but is purely human. I tell you: This is the church of Antichrist.

"The founders and followers of this false church are in the service of Satan. In this new church My Eucharistic presence is not the heart and the center... In this new church the Holy Spirit illumines, warms and acts no more, but the frail snd mortal spirit of man, who became the idol.

"In this new church their prophets to not speak any more of sin and judgment, or hell and Heaven, but of the coming Paradise on earth.... This new church is the living Antichrist, the real Babylonian harlot, as My disciple and aplostle John has written in the Apocalypse."
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Old Oct 22, '05, 12:18 pm
MaryRose35 MaryRose35 is offline
Join Date: April 22, 2005
Posts: 50
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: "Faith is Greater than Obedience"

More from the book Faith is Greater than Obedience:

"They have repudiated the cross; they have lost reverence of faith in My presence in the tabernacle, and have separated from My Virgin Mother Mary, who is the Mother of priests and Mother of the Church. This is the threefold desertion, the threefold error, and the threefold disaster.

"... the greatest pain to My Heart... are the bishops, who have become silent, indifferent and cowardly. Not only a few, but many of them, are afraid of men, and are removed from the fear of God. This is the reason why the wolves could break into the flock, bringing such confusion and devastation and destruction upon the Church. ... millions of souls, of immortal souls, become lost. For these souls, those apostate shepherds and tepid bishops must render an account before My eternal judgment.

"Once I wept over Jeruselam and over the people of this city, and over their priests and high-priests; and still their sin was not as great as the sin of those who, in the Church of today, instead of being leaders become seducers, instead of shepherds become mercenaries, instead of counsellors become traitors... But all of you... guard your souls with the grace of faith in this house, and fight for this faith!

"They ban My Eucharistic presence from the eyes of the people, and away from the center of the sanctuary... They no longer genuflect before the Almighty and before the Blessed Sacrament... They no longer know the time of prayers, but they run, full of lost and nonsense, after the amusements of a godless world... They distort and falsify the word of God as it is written and transmitted in Holy Scrpiture under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost...

"But the good people should not be faint-hearted, and should never despair. They will grow in My love with the grace of interior peace. Therefore, you do not implore Me in vain in the hour of My grace..."

"In former and earlier centuries, exterior enemies threatened My Church, or they fell away openly from My Church. But now they are truly 'wolves in sheep's clothing' about whom I spoke in the Gospels. They are heretics, priests, and theologians, blessed by sacramental power, as servants of the Church. They proclaim heretical and corruptive doctrine, and they boast with a satanic smile of being within the Church and remaining in it. Woe to those wretched ones, who lie to the face of God... The ones who were called to a vocation became like Judas, betrayers and apostates, gave Me more pain during My redemptive suffering than the Jewish Pharisses and pagans slave executioners."

"In their madness those apostates put their own spirit in the place of the Holy Ghost, and make knowledge an idol of their own by giving their soul to the prince of this world, who is laughing at them...

[1972]"Because of these sacrileges, many good-minded people believe that a catastrophe will fall upon the world and humanity, and they speak about it. But in Scripture it is written: No one knows the day nor the hour. ... you should know the judgment of God still lies in the distance, and that before the catastrophe, the godless, the apostates and false prophets, will prepare their own doom. I let this be known to the good people who are given to you and your apostolate by holy providence, as helpers..."

"Should those who are faithul and loyal in grace be sad about this? Truly, I Myself wept over Jerusalem, because its inhabitants rejected My grace. Yet it is My will and that of the Father, that the children of the faith should be joyous, like St. Francis, who praised Heaven with his canticle of the sun, happy like the young St. Therese, who, filled with love of Me, happily and smilingly walked through the garden of creation..."
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Old Oct 22, '05, 12:48 pm
MaryRose35 MaryRose35 is offline
Join Date: April 22, 2005
Posts: 50
Religion: Catholic
Default Re: "Faith is Greater than Obedience"

More from Faith is Greater than Obedience:

"In their hands and hearts the Divine Service of the Mass becomes a worldly show with noise and unrest. This is the way that they silence their conscience in no longer hearing the call from above, and in not perceiving the action of the Holy Ghost. They have taken away the supernatural consecration from the Divine Service of the Mass. They have let reverence for the Blessed Sacrament die in their heart and have begun to wipe out reverence from the people, which is the foundation of all religion...

"At present, in My one and true Church, there has erupted a grusome war against Her existence and actions... The spirit of destruction, Satan and his invisible assistants, are taking pains as never before, to make their plans come true. All these demons are attacking discipline in the Church and the divine commandments.

"First, they have tried to smother the great gift of the grace of faith in the souls of children. Then, to poison the youth, by teaching them false and dangerous freedom. Lastly, they seek to wipe out in people the sense of the Holy, namely belief in God and respect before the miracle and mystery of My real Eucharistic Presence. This is the way to pull down religion and to engender the spirit of the world. ... It is the temptation of Satan, who pointed to the world and its delusions... said to Me: All these will I give thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me.

"Heaven and grace are no longer valid, but the world and man. This is the thought and will by which the great temptations of Satan occur. ...there are priests... who are becoming tools of Satan and betrayers of Me.

"In this distress of faith and of the Church, all loyal people should have in front of their eyes and keep alive in their inward soul the following three things: Respect before the miracle and mystery of My Presence, fervent and filial love toward My Virgin Mother Mary, and never-lessening, confident prayer to the holy angels, who fight in the service of God against Satan, and who, with the power of God, will be victorious..."

"My faithful son Marcel, who suffers a great deal for the faith, is going on the right path. He is like a light and pillar of truth, which many ordained priests of Mine are betraying. Faith is greater than obedience.

"The spirit of the world has infiltrated the Church... This spirit has penetrated the ecclesiastics and monasteries and convents, because the monks and nuns have lost and deserted the spirit of the founders of their orders.

"That My Chuch has become confused and desolate has a threefold reason: Faith has become weak and almost dead...The second evil which has befallen My one and true Church is that the priesthood became degraded by becoming worldly... The spirit of the world does not serve God, but Satan. The spirit of the world does not lead to Me... but deviates from the path... leads to corruption... misleads and poisons the youth. ... [T]hey have lost love for this, My Mother, and have become cold in the interior of their souls. And this is the third evil of their desertion, alas, of so many priests.

"My one and true Church shall be renewed by priests. Know then: There shall grow up a new generation of young priests. And these priests, repulsed by apostate ecclesiastics, are drawn to the spiritual life of the saints, and they will openly profess themselves as servants of Christ; they shall wear the habit of their vocation and order, and will not have human respect for worldly love."
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Old Oct 22, '05, 3:29 pm
puzzleannie puzzleannie is offline
Forum Elder
Join Date: September 7, 2004
Posts: 37,469
Religion: Catholic no adjectives
Default Re: "Faith is Greater than Obedience"

does this private revelation have Catholic Church approval? judging by the tone I sincerely doubt it. With all the good Catholic spiritual reading available, why waste your time on this?
Whatever the Lord pleases He does, on heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps. Ps. 135
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Old Oct 22, '05, 6:00 pm
JJ. Micelli JJ. Micelli is offline
Join Date: October 11, 2005
Posts: 35
Default Re: "Faith is Greater than Obedience"

The "inner tone" sounds man created rather than Christ inspired. It just doesnt ring true with Church approved revelations from other mystics I have read.
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