'09 Lenten Sacrifice


Despite being married, and for reasons too many to state, I am considering embracing celibacy for Lent.

Thoughts? Have any other married CAF folks given up sex for Lent?





I’ve not given up sex for Lent, no. My first thought is about your husband. Does he wish this as well? I think this particular thing must be mutual. Also, whatever you do pick to give up for Lent, make sure it will be a penance for you and not for other people. For example, I wanted to give up takeout pizza one Lent, but I wasn’t going to do that without spousal consent, because that could affect him seriously, since he eats what I serve. So it had to be that we both truly wished to give it up for Lent. Both of us. That one was quite a penance, I’m telling you! :slight_smile: Actually, that one would not be so bad anymore, since we don’t eat pizza much now. In general, I’d recommend a penance that doesn’t affect the other person in the house in an unpleasant way. Invisible penances are also good (except of course charity hardly ends up being invisible, and charity is a good choice for Lent).


Only if your spouse agrees! :o


you cannot embrace celibacy, you are already married, and to be celibate is to remain unmarried.

St Paul says married couples can, by mutual agreement, abstain from sexual relations for a period of time, for prayer, devotion or other good purpose, but ordinarily conjugal relations are both a duty and a joy and a sign of self-giving that is marriage. If you decide to remain continent (not celibate) it must be with the consent of your spouse.

there is already an active thread on this topic (why, I am not sure).


yeah you cant be celibate if you are married, but you can abstain from sex if you are. And as long as your husband desired the same it would be an amazing thing to do. Couple it with and increase in prayer with one another, read and discus the bible, encyclicals and other religious writings together. This can do amazing things for your marriage and most importantly it can lead both of you closer to God. Good luck talking with your husband :thumbsup:


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