1:00 Wedding Mass?


Hi good people,

My question is, if a person goes to a 1:00 pm wedding Mass on Saturday, does that count for the weekend?



Nope. It must be on Saturday evening (to my knowledge defined as after 4pm at the earliest) or Sunday to fulfil your Sunday obligation.


Agreed. I believe that each Bishop set the earliest time for a Mass in anticipation of Sunday for the diocese. It’s usually 4pm or 5pm. I have never heard of one that was as early as 1pm.


My question is, if a person goes to a 1:00 pm wedding Mass on Saturday, does that count for the weekend?<<

You certainly can’t be expected to go to Mass 2 days running, now can you? (Barring major transportation problems.)

Being too religious is not such a good thing, huh?


Oh No! I would LOVE to go to Mass twice in a row. My parents went to a wedding and asked me to ask this.



Nope, not at all.


:hmmm: don’t know whether you’re being sarcastic or not.

Is there really such a thing as being too religious? Many of the saints went to far greater extremes than daily Mass (or Mass more than once a day).

Heck, if I remember correctly even Henry VIII managed more than once a day - although he had certain advantages being King and all.


Hi Jeannie
I agree with the rest. No it doesnt count The Sabbath day is from sunset to sunset. Cheers may God bless geoff


The Wedding Mass is not the Sunday Liturgy, no matter what time it is held. Priests say this is one of the most asked questions at weddings-people tend to corner the priest after the Mass and bring this up.They use the wedding readings Etc. at this Mass. The weekend readings and gospel will not be proclaimed and the homily will probably be about marriage.There could be a situation where at a Sunday Liturgy, a renewal of vows on an anniversary is conducted. Then it would count.:smiley:


And of course a wedding Mass on Sunday, as mine was, always “counts.” :slight_smile:


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